Drive growth and innovation through digital education.

Creation, distribution and evaluation. Knowledgeworker is the software for compelling digital learning content with which you can reach employees, customers and partners worldwide. How to sustainably shape the digital future of your organization.

Knowledgeworker Suite at a Glance

Learning Content Management System

Develop and author interactive content in responsive web design in collaboration with your business experts. Knowledgeworker supports an adaptation for various target groups, languages or cultural requirements. Thus,gives you the greatest possible flexibility to keep your employees, customers and suppliers from all over the world updated.

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Learning Management System

This learning and communication platform enables you to upload digital trainings, share information within a short time tailored to your target group, and to monitor and administer progress. As a mobile-ready communication channel with social media platform features it is intuitive and variable to use.

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Virtual Communication Training

Give your employees a digital partner to train sales and consulting conversations, or to train for emergencies and other communication interactions. With Knowledgeworker Coach you can easily develop various scenarios and adopt them according to the answer given. Gamification, the inclusion of multimedia elements and direct response create a real-life atmosphere and result in sustainable training effects.

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Quiz Application

Knowledgeworker Quiz engages in an entertaining way a long-term rooting of knowledge. As part of your blended learning strategy, employees are repeatedly exposed to learning content in 1:1 duels or in a team. Thus, you will achieve a transition of desired professional skills in everyday routine. The social interaction effect increases learners‘ motivation measurably.

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Flipcard App

With our new learning card app Knowledgeworker Cards, you can give learners around the world valuable information in bits and pieces - user-controlled and flexible. Using the mobile app, you can integrate small units of knowledge into your learners' everyday lives. Provide important content as learning cards in Knowledgeworker Cards. So users can learn at their own pace and scope at any time.

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Why you choose the Knowledgeworker Suite

  • Successful Cooperation

    Provide a network for knowledge holders within your business. Knowledgeworker enables you to include internal partners as well as third-party providers for creating, internationalizing and sharing your content. Knowledgeworker has all the tools you need for effective knowledge transfer and will integrate smoothly into your current infrastructure.

  • Sustainable Contents

    Every target group has its own requirements. You will be able to create professional and engaging contents that can be combined and reused according to your demands. Knowledgeworker will support you with a modern layout and interactive mediation formats for delivering stimulating and unforgettable trainings.

  • Global Communication

    As the amount of digital training will increase with the expansion of your business - Knowledgeworker will grow with you. You can conveniently adopt, localize and tailor your content to any language and regional requirements and keep track of progress anytime. Knowledgeworker integrates your experts and local providers

  • Responsive Design

    Availability of knowledge was never as important as today. Knowledgeworker ensures that learners have access to their community and knowledge– no matter where they are, the responsive design of Knowledgeworker guarantees that your content looks great anywhere.

  • Measurable Success

    Provide the foundation for further development. With Knowledgeworker you can systematically record the transition of your organization and make it transparent. Thus, you can provide comparability and trace your success, ranging from individual users up to your entire organization.

Our service for you

  • Highest data security level

    Knowledgeworker is provided as a cloud solution and hosted in a high-security data center in Germany. IT security and data protection are top priorities for us. On-premises deployment, i.e. in your data center, is also possible upon request.

  • Multilingual support around the clock

    We want you to be successful with Knowledgeworker. Our support team assists you with all questions regarding content development, internationalization, processes and technical issues. We offer service contracts with response times based on your needs.

  • Convincing arguments for your management 

    Knowledgeworker offers numerous configuration options to effectively implement the requirements of your management or works council and to eliminate concerns about the handling of employee data right from the start. Knowledgeworker also offers functions for your works council to fulfill its information obligations towards employees.