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Smart eLearning software

eLearning software that makes your job less stressful, achieves excellent results, and is easy to use

Knowledgeworker eLearning Software
Knowledgeworker eLearning Software

eLearning: So quick and easy

AI features in the Knowledgeworker Create authoring tool enable you to create online courses in record time

Creating e-learning with AI
Knowledgeworker Artificial Intelligence (KAI) in the Knowledgeworker Create authoring tool

Create perfect eLearning content in minutes

It couldn’t be better or quicker

eLearning created with Knowledgeworker Create
eLearning created with Knowledgeworker Create
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Made in GermanyHigh securityGDPR compliantExcellent eLearning solutionsMulti-device responsive
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Overview of the Knowledgeworker eLearning software suite

For a wide variety of applications. Modular. Flexible.

Quick info

Knowledgeworker Create

Online courses in minutes The authoring tool drag and drop function makes it easy to develop interactive, responsive state-of-the-art online courses. It enables you to bring all participants in the process together and work collaboratively.


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  • Rapid authoring
    Fast and efficient creation of online courses
  • Collaboration by default
    Makes it easy to collaborate within teams, and with agencies and service providers
  • Rapid internationalization
    Clear and comprehensive translation management in all languages
  • Effective course management
    Manage, structure, reuse and update content
  • Sustainable knowledge management
    Central database enables multiple use of course content
  • LMS-compatible
    Easy to integrate into your learning management system
  • Adaptive learning
    Conditional content, individualized courses and tests
  • Corporate design
    Complete customization of template design; automatic updates to all courses
  • Mobile learning that’s fully responsive
    Maximum flexibility: Create courses once and deliver them to any type of device
  • Microlearning
    Create snackable content easily, in a wide variety of formats

Quick info

Knowledgeworker Share

The smart learning management system allows you to centralize your company’s training. Manage and deliver online courses for specific target groups and evaluate learning outcomes easily and straightforwardly.


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  • Individualized training
    Flexible matching processes to customize training to specific target groups
  • Needs-based management
    Individual user roles and integrated authorization management
  • Multilingualism and internationalization
    Automatic delivery in the language most relevant to learners
  • Mobile learning that’s fully responsive
    Maximum flexibility: learning whenever and wherever learners like, on any device
  • Rollouts and reports
    Individualized course rollouts, achievement evaluation and report generation
  • Adaptive learning
    individualized learning paths and courses depending on previous experience and goals
  • Blended learning
    Straightforward management of blended learning on a central platform
  • Gamification
    Easy integration of gamification tools

Quick info

Knowledgeworker Coach

The digital interactive coach enables you to use play to prepare your employees for specific situations in the corporate environment, training them to handle sales requests for advice and emergencies, and ensuring they react appropriately to customer complaints.


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  • Challenging simulations
    Employees tackle realistic situations using a range of approaches
  • Direct learner feedback
    Positive learning experience through live feedback and overall evaluation
  • High levels of satisfaction and recognition
    Branding with your corporate design to promote recognition
  • Multilingualism and internationalization
    Automatic delivery in learners’ language
  • LMS-compatible
    Easy to integrate into your learning management system
  • Straightforward rollout, achievement evaluation and reporting
    Evaluation via your online learning platform
  • Gamification
    Motivated learners, high levels of achievement and better retention through game-based features and processes
  • Mobile learning that’s fully responsive
    Maximum flexibility: learning whenever and wherever learners like, on any device

Quick info

Knowledgeworker Cards

Impart valuable knowledge in small nuggets with the intelligent flashcard app. Card by card, learners acquire, repeat and consolidate new knowledge in a self-directed and flexible manner. Artificial intelligence automatically shows learners the cards that are relevant to them.


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  • Individual and intelligent
    Full focus on content through intelligent, repeated presentation of cards
  • Mobile learning that’s fully responsive
    Maximum flexibility: learning whenever and wherever learners like, online, offline or in an app
  • Multilingualism and internationalization
    Automatic delivery in learners’ language
  • Direct learner feedback
    Continuous positive learning experience through live feedback and overall evaluation
  • High levels of satisfaction and recognition
    Branding with your corporate design to promote recognition
  • Gamification
    Motivated learners and high levels of achievement through game-based features and processes
  • Microlearning
    Lower stress levels with snackable contents

Authoring Tool
with AI

Learning platform

A digital coach for scenario-based learning

Flashcard app
for microlearning


eLearning made easy

Knowledgeworker eLearning software makes your life easier

Mobile eLearning

Knowledgeworker eLearning software brings together knowledge, employees, subject matter experts, management processes, and state-of-the-art learning formats.

  • AI is integrated into the authoring tool to help you produce online courses fast
  • Target group-specific rollout via the learning platform and analysis of learning progress
  • Behavior and communication training in a safe environment 
  • Hard skills and soft skills training
  • Complex management processes are taken over by integrated tool solutions
  • Streamlined workflows with collaborative working directly in the tool 
  • Minimization of the administrative burden
  • Overview of your employees’ skills and knowledge

The benefits to you

  • Fast online course creation
  • Collaborative working within the eLearning tool
  • No more unnecessary email discussions
  • Simple and seamless translations  
  • Easy updates for all content in one central location
  • Custom training with learning paths
  • State-of-the-art learning methods such as microlearning, adaptive learning, blended learning, gamification, and much more.  
  • No programming knowledge required
  • Seamless interaction between all tools
  • Reduced ecological footprint
  • Support and all services—from consulting and content creation to managed training services—are provided from within Germany
  • Lack of interactivity
  • Programming skills
  • Cumbersome design adaptation process
  • Complicated email-based coordination 
  • Different versions of translations and localizations
  • Delays to updates
  • Different course variants
  • Cumbersome approval process
  • Expert required for tool configuration
  • No support
Mario Rümmler | Coop

Mario Rümmler

Head Digital Learning

Coop logo

Lifelong learning is a big topic. And it has to be well organized in companies. The solution is eLearning. eLearning is a tool that enables us to train valuable competencies in a targeted manner. Knowledgeworker helps us to design the best possible process.


What sets Knowledgeworker apart from other eLearning software

You save valuable time and resources and develop satisfied and highly trained employees

Implement eLearning quickly with an integrated review process

Integrated review management

The review process is integrated and takes place directly in the eLearning tool. No more unnecessary email exchanges or revised PDF versions!

Internationalize eLearning content fast with integrated translation management

Translation management

The translation process is managed by the authoring tool and takes place centrally within the eLearning content itself. You’ll get a seamless translation and never have to search for language variants of your online course again.

Reusability of all eLearning content

Reusability of all content

All of the content from your eLearning courses can be used over and over again. Whether you need just part of an online course or all of it: You can simply re-integrate the content anywhere and no longer have to create anything twice!

Knowledgeworker Share eLearning platform

Low system support requirements

You get your eLearning platform up and running incredibly quickly—within just seven to 20 days. The simple interface makes ongoing support easy. 


Scenario-based learning in eLearning

Simulation-based learning

Enable your employees to learn the right behavior and communication methods to use in an interactive way by offering scenario-based learning in a safe space whenever they want! 


Gamification in eLearning

Integrated interactivity

Interactivity is quickly integrated using templates. With no need for any programming knowledge! Tools for scenario-based learning and a flashcard app are also available.



eLearning content creation made simple

Knowledgeworker Create authoring tool

Authoring Tool with AI

With the Knowledgeworker Create eLearning software as your authoring tool, you can not only create online courses in record time, but also make the entire creation process efficient from start to finish. Concentrate on your core tasks while the Knowledgeworker Create authoring tool takes care of the entire management process!

Michael Rösch

Michael Rösch

Head of Learning and Innovation, AP Gamification and Applicant Management

Capita logo

The reusability and referencing of content have led to very large time savings for our company with regards to course creation. The same is true of the integrated translation logic, which greatly simplifies our work in multiple languages. Our production times are much shorter, and we are also have a tool that both has plenty of features and is easy to use.


Rolling out and evaluating eLearning content

Knowledgeworker Share learning platform

Knowledgeworker Share eLearning platform

With the Knowledgeworker Share eLearning software as a lean, fast, and easy-to-use learning management system, you can easily roll out your eLearning courses to specific target groups. The Knowledgeworker Share functions are specifically designed to ensure an optimal learning and evaluation process. The LMS is easy to use and understand. Even with no programming knowledge, you can still create complex and completely custom learning paths and reports. 

Dagmar Mechelke-Rathnayake, OTEX Textilveredlung GmbH

Dagmar Mechelke-Rathnayake

Operations Manager, OTEX Textilveredlung GmbH

Logo Otex

The shortage of skilled workers in the textile industry increasingly means we have to recruit lateral entrants. We are particularly pleased with the way the textil trainer digital learning platform enables us to teach people the basic principles. The short units and specialist content allow our employees to direct their own learning about textiles, proceeding at their own pace and becoming more confident in discussions with more experienced colleagues.


Scenario-based eLearning

Knowledgeworker Coach simulations boost soft skills

Scenario-based eLearning with Knowledgeworker Coach

With Knowledgeworker Coach, your employees learn how to behave and communicate correctly in various situations using dialog-based scenarios. They can practice delivering convincing sales pitches, learn how to provide helpful advice, or pick up de-escalation skills to use in the event of customer complaints. Knowledgeworker Coach makes the situation feel 100% real and demonstrates the consequences of the chosen reaction.

Logo University of Freiburg

Angela Widder

Project Coordinator Digital Teaching, Faculty of Medicine, Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg

By using the tool "Knowledgeworker Coach", our medical students can train doctor-patient conversations in a realistic way. In this way, the students experience directly how their reactions affect the simulation patients. We offer a hands-on experience on a high immersive level and thus pay for an optimal treatment of future patients.


eLearning in bitesize chunks

Knowledgeworker Cards flashcard app

eLearning with digital flashcards

Supplement your training strategy with small, flexible learning units in the form of digital flashcards.Short and snappy for between tasks. Reduce stress levels and maximize learning enjoyment and long-term learning outcomes through microlearning.

Anett Sünder

Anett Sünder

Senior Blended/Adaptive-Learning Expert

Novartis logo

In today’s world, eLearning is becoming more and more complex. This makes it all the more important for us to have an innovative and reliable partner who keeps pace with the times. We have been benefiting from chemmedia AG’s excellent ideas and professional approach for more than 15 years. Together, we provide our learners with tailor-made eTraining courses that maximize learning outcomes. A big thank you to chemmedia for all their help and support over the years!


eLearning software that supports you

Accelerate your output and halve your development time

Stock images

More than 1.5 million images 

Stock videos

More than 50,000 videos 

Stock audio

More than 55,000 audio files

Sound effects

More than 85,000 sound effects

Responsive templates

Templates in your own corporate design


Pre-made interactive elements


Accessible as per the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1


Global design customization with just a few clicks


Reuse all content with just a few clicks


Why eLearning?

Arguments. Facts. Benefits.

Mario Rümmler | Coop

Mario Rümmler

Head Digital Learning

Coop logo

Lifelong learning is a big topic. And it has to be well organized in companies. The solution is eLearning. eLearning is a tool that enables us to train valuable competencies in a targeted manner. Knowledgeworker helps us to design the best possible process.


Customer selection

Happy knowledgeworker customers

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Banner one million learner
Banner one million learner

More than 9,000,000 enthusiastic learners

in over 38 countries

We provide a sustainable learning ecosystem to enable you to deliver successful, forward-looking staff development. Right from the start, you benefit from our consulting services, which are based on 20 years of experience. We structure, organize, and optimize your eLearning processes. They aim to deliver qualified employees who make meaningful contributions to your corporate objectives.


eLearning service

eLearning software and eLearning services from a single source

eLearning consulting for companies

Advice and support

Your own team of consultants will be at your side right from the start, providing advice on content formats, production processes, make-or-buy decisions, and software solutions. Your individual circumstances and conditions are our priority.

Create eLearning content or have it created for you

Content and creative

Whether it’s multimedia production, internationalization, or attractive design—you receive didactically and visually appealing learning environments that are perfectly tailored to the needs of your learners and your corporate design.

Managed training services for eLearning

Managed training service

Say goodbye to unnecessary admin! We take care of running the system and the training administration. We look after training preparations, training management, controlling and reporting, and partner and quality management. 

Workshops and webinars on eLearning

Workshops, training sessions, webinars

We provide a wide range of courses to support your users, administrators, trainers, and learners. We also run workshops on strategy, concept development, and eLearning methodologies. 


Award Winner

eLearning Awards authoring tool Knowledgeworker Create
Banner Award Winning Software

Multiple-award-winning rapid authoring tool

Knowledgeworker Create increases production speed!

Several companies already benefit from faster production times thanks to the integrated rapid authoring features in the authoring tool. These create state-of-the-art, interactive, fully responsive content quickly, cost-effectively, and without the need for larger numbers of personnel. 


Application scenarios

Knowledge: the route to success

Visualization: Compliance


Legally secure and binding: An efficient way of providing high-quality compliance training at regular intervals.

Visualization: Professional competence

Hard skills

Pass on specialist skills and continually develop your own specialists, promoting loyalty to your company.

Photo: Friendly communication at work

Soft skills

Promote social skills and enhance soft skills, strengthen key competencies, and address weaknesses.

Ms. X welcomes you to the team


Simplify your onboarding processes and design state-of-the-art, resource-efficient induction training.

Visualization: Knowledge on demand

Knowledge on demand

Provide your employees with knowledge when they need it and support them with their day-to-day work.