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The ultimate authoring tool comparison

Storyline 360, Lectora and Knowledgeworker Create in comparison

Preview Authoring software comparison in e-learning
Preview: Authoring software comparison in e-learning

comparison: The three best 3 eLearning authoring tools in direct comparison

Easily find the perfect solution

This comparison about 3 different authoring tools in e-learning will help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of different authoring tools and thus make the right choice for your own company. You will find out which authoring tool fits best to your needs and to the needs of your employees due to its features, thus making the learning process more effective and efficient. In addition, the comparison offers the opportunity to find the best price-performance ratio and also clarifies the question of which systems can be integrated into existing infrastructures.

Facts at a glance

You will find these answers in the authoring tool comparison

  • Which authoring tool is GDPR-compliant?
  • Which authoring tool offers AI integration?
  • Which authoring tool offers the possibility of interactive collaboration?
  • Is there support in the translation process?
  • Are rapid authoring features provided for creating online courses?
  • Are all eLearnings automatically responsive?
  • Is there central course management in the authoring tool for lean administration of all online courses?
  • Which eLearning standards are available and are they compatible with your learning management system?
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Storyline 360, Lectora, and Knowledgeworker Create

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