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Digital sales training—flexible, efficient and cost effective

Scenario-based learning for sales success


“No turnover without sales; no company without turnover”

Very few companies can only keep themselves afloat through word-of-mouth propaganda. Especially in difficult economic times, sales teams are more important than ever. They acquire new customers, build a relationship with them, and create a basis of trust. Through new customer acquisition and a lot of relationship maintenance, they ensure the economic success of the company. But not everyone is born an empathetic salesperson. Nevertheless, sales skills and social skills can be learned—with the best and most cost-efficient method involving scenario-based digital sales training.


This is what the sales training of the future will look like

A digital sales pitch


Digital sales training as an opportunity for sales success

To grow as a business and continue to be competitive, you need to train your sales teams on a regular basis. This ensures giving your potential customers the best possible advice and providing optimal service for your existing customers. Digital sales training offers you the opportunity to prepare your employees for the challenges of sales work in a flexible and cost-effective manner. 

With scenario-based learning, you can achieve remarkable learning outcomes in a very short time. You enable your employees to train in different sales situations without having to resort to unpleasant role-playing or expensive face-to-face training. You don’t need a hyped sales trainer with utopian fees or a library of specialized literature. An immersive sales scenario trains your sales team’s skills in a cost-effective and efficient manner—no matter where they are.

With the digital sales training, you give training in:

  • negotiation skills
  • empathy
  • concluding contracts
  • …and much more

Targeted development of competencies

Skills and skill assessments in digital sales training

Depending on the scenario, you can define specific skills that your employees will train in during the conversation. You determine the skill set individually. Give training in power skills, such as conflict management, resilience, or leadership. Every decision that learners make during the scenario has an impact on the outcome. If you use skill assessments, the predefined benchmarks for the skills in question are also displayed in addition to evaluating the learners. Benchmarks can, for example, be company-defined criteria that learners have to meet. Through individual feedback, your sales team develops the right skills for your success quickly and in a targeted manner.


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The bottom line.

With digital sales training, you create the right framework for cost-effective and sustainable training of your sales staff. With a low financial investment and without expensive face-to-face training, you can achieve an improvement in sales performance in the shortest possible time with motivated employees who have the right skills. We will be happy to help you create your customized sales training. 


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