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eLearning software for companies

These are the tools you need!

eLearning software consulting

From learning management systems and learning content management systems to authoring tools and gamification apps: We explain simply and clearly which eLearning software serves which purpose, how the solutions differ, and which ones your company needs to implement your particular eLearning strategy.


eLearning software for companies

An overview

As processes in companies go digital, so too does knowledge. This takes training to the next, extremely convenient and modern level!

The benefits are obvious:

  1. eLearning creates the greatest possible flexibility, as individual training can take place independent of time and location.
  2. eLearning cuts costs, as there is no limit to the number of participants and content can be easily reused at any time.
  3. eLearning offers interactivity and the hands-on involvement of the learner, combining playful approaches for motivation and automatically adapting to the learner’s level of knowledge.
  4. eLearning creates internationality: Multi-language online training courses can be implemented very easily.


In seeking to take advantage of these benefits and enter the field of eLearning, companies find themselves faced with a multitude of questions: How do I develop an eLearning strategy? Where will the content come from? What software is available? Which eLearning tools do I need as a company to successfully implement my eLearning project and secure it in the long term?

eLearning software for companies at a glance

eLearning authoring tool/Learning content management system (LCMS)

Simple creation and management of eTraining courses

The first thing you need is a software that allows you to create your own eTraining courses. What this means is a classical eLearning authoring tool. The name authoring tool already implies that a creator of online courses, in other words an author, is given a software that supports them in creating high-quality training courses with ease; a system that helps you to create and manage content. Many people already know these so-called Content Management Systems(CMS) from other areas. Wordpress or Typo3, for example, are well-known CMS for creating websites. Editors can create the content for websites without having to intervene in the design and without the need for programming skills.

Knowledgeworker Create learning content management system

In a Learning Content Management System (as before, just with the word “learning” in front of it) you can create and manage your eLearning content. That may be small sharable-content objects or complete online courses. In user-friendly authoring tools, layout and text are separated from each other. Authors need no HTML knowledge and can easily create interactive online courses. It works as with any good website: a template and a css file in the background define the appearance of headings, quotes, text, bullets, color schemes, etc. The author doesn’t have to worry about the formatting, and is instead free to concentrate on the content and didactic design. For you as a company, this has the advantage that compliance with your own corporate design is always guaranteed.

There are eLearning agencies that can professionally create your individual template in your corporate design and integrate it into your learning content management system for you. Incidentally, not all authoring systems provide this clear separation between design and content. What’s more, authoring tools differ, among other things, in the number of features, the provision of interactive and classical templates, and in responsiveness. 


Try it out

Preview Autorentool Knowledgeworker Create
Preview Autortentool Knowledgeworker Create

Create unique learning experiences!

Try out Knowledgeworker Create free of charge

Use drag & drop to build state-of-the-art interactive online courses in minutes—it’s easy and no programming knowledge is required. Integrated task, review and translation management allows you to work collaboratively and accelerate your course creation.


Learning management system (LMS)

Secondly, you need a learning management system, a system for distributing your learning content from your learning content management system, because the knowledge has to get to the learners. Rather than them having to actively seek out the knowledge, the learning content that is appropriate to them is presented automatically. Knowledge comes to the learner, rather than the learner (somehow) finding their way to the knowledge.

Learning Management System

A learning management system is a system for organizing learning processes, mapping learning objectives and learning paths, and at the same time a platform for recording and evaluating learning results and progress. An LMS forms the interface between teachers and learners, a communication platform for exchanging knowledge, information, offers, events and much more. As a company, you ensure your information flow, because any communication can be mapped via the learning platform. You can cluster your recipient target groups with a specific focus, so that only learners for whom the information is relevant actually receive it. In summary: a learning management system is an eLearning software that contains very different and diverse exchange formats and evaluations, supports different learning scenarios and ensures that the individuality of the learner is taken into account.


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Preview the Knowledgeworker Share Learning Management System
Preview the Knowledgeworker Share Learning Management System

Knowledgeworker Share

Guarantees a unique learning experience

Save valuable resources, minimize the demands on your time, and optimize learning outcomes. Manage everything centrally on the online learning platform: Employees, training sessions, documents, video conferences, graduation certificates, learning outcomes, and reports.


Gamification apps

You now know the essential eLearning software solutions for creating, managing, distributing and evaluating knowledge. This gives you more than just a solid foundation. In eLearning, though, there are very different formats and methods by which specialist knowledge can, or should, be prepared. After all, what good is the best information if it is not presented in a way that is varied, interesting and appropriate to the content? There are entire disciplines that deal with learning methods, the psychology of learning and motivation in the learning process - factors that strongly influence the success of further training. This is where gamification comes in, enabling interactive, motivating, multimedia mobile learning with a playful approach. In turning the learning process into a game, principles from game design as well as game mechanics are adopted. Learners are more motivated and more active, and their basic attitude towards learning is positively influenced. Learning through playing is easier! Three selected examples:



“Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” We all know it. It’s not just a TV show, it’s also an app where anyone can compete interactively against anyone else. And there’s no disputing

  • it’s fun,
  • everyone wants to win and
  • you learn something at the same time.


Three excellent prerequisites for successful eLearning. Quiz apps can be perfectly integrated into a company’s eLearning strategy. A company’s employees can compete against each other and select from available categories. They consolidate their knowledge and learn new things without even noticing, not stuck at their computers, but playing on their tablet or smartphone - whenever it suits them, wherever they want to be.


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Visualization of Knowledgeworker Quiz
Visualization Knowledgeworker Quiz

The quiz app for gamified eLearning

Teach, consolidate learning, and test knowledge in a playful way

The quiz app increases your employees’ motivation and their willingness to learn, providing excitement, fun, and variety. The short learning time means your employees’ learning is particularly effective. 


Flashcard app

Another way to gain and retain knowledge in a playful fashion is a flashcard app. Everyone probably remembers using little index cards in days gone by, writing the question on the front and the answer on the back. Perhaps you used them to learn vocabulary? Now, though, index cards are out. Gamification and smartphone games are the in thing. The clear advantage of the flashcards (app) is that complex knowledge is broken down into small parts (microlearning), thus reducing complexity.


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Visualization of Knowledgeworker Cards - The Digital Flashcard App
Visualization of Knowledgeworker Cards

The flashcard app for microlearning

Communicate knowledge in a short, pithy, and particularly memorable way

The flashcard app allows you to make knowledge available to your employees in very small units via digital flashcards, delivering knowledge efficiently and ensuring learners will retain it. 


The digital coach

Employees from sales, distribution, or call centers, for example, often find themselves facing difficult and challenging situations. Here, it is important to be fully prepared and to respond in such a way as to engage the customer or prospective customer, ensuring that they leave the phone call, web session, or meeting satisfied. Everyone knows the kind of situation: You change your Internet provider and desperately hope that moving from provider A to provider B will go smoothly. The inevitable happens: Provider A switches off, but provider B doesn’t switch on. You’re without an Internet connection for two days. A real dilemma in the present day and age! You grab the phone, and after 20 minutes on hold you’re at the end of your tether and snap at the poor soul on the helpdesk (who, of course, is the least to blame). And now it’s their job to make you happy again. While some people might have been born with the ability to conduct themselves perfectly on the phone and respond to the customer in such a way that they’re satisfied, for the majority of us this is a skill we have to learn and practice. And that’s precisely what so-called behavioral trainers are for.


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Visualization of Knowledgeworker Coach as digital coach in e-learning
Visualisierung des Knowledgeworker Coachs

The digital coach for scenario-based learning

The smart way to develop skills

Train learners to handle conversations and conflict situations, promote social skills, and enhance soft skills. Realistic. Authentic. Sustainable.


The bottom line.

If, as a company, you’re planning on entering the world of eLearning, think about what you would like to offer your employees. Bear in mind that your goal is to retain and upskill your professionals, and think then about what you can best offer them in order to achieve that.

We would be happy to advise you and to develop an individual eLearning strategy for your company and find the right eLearning software to help you achieve your goals. As an eLearning agency, we are your full-service provider in all areas relevant to eLearning. For more than 15 years, we have been consultants, eLearning content creators and advanced eLearning software developers, and have successfully supported corporations and large enterprises. We pursue a philosophy of long-term mutual cooperation, as our customer base reflects. With us, you’re not simply choosing a software solution, you’re getting an experienced and reliable eLearning partner at your side. Give us a try. Get to know us. Let’s talk.

Janet Beier | Senior Marketing Manager
Janet Beier
Senior Marketing Manager

Award Winner

Banner Award Winning Software
Banner Award Winning Software

Multiple-award-winning rapid authoring tool

Knowledgeworker Create increases production speed!

Several companies already benefit from faster production times thanks to the integrated rapid authoring features in the authoring tool. These create state-of-the-art, interactive, fully responsive content quickly, cost-effectively, and without the need for larger numbers of personnel. 


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