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AI-assisted translation—internationalization with just a few clicks

Visualisation AI-supported translation

Every day, eLearning managers around the world are dealing with the challenge of increasing internationalization. Comprehensive courses and other learning content need to be translated into different languages to meet the demands of globalization. But translations can be time-consuming, expensive, and error-prone.

AI-supported translations in Knowledgeworker Create, on the other hand, are cost-effective and fast. With just a few clicks, you can translate your eLearning content almost perfectly into numerous languages—without leaving Knowledgeworker.


Efficient and cost-effective translation

AI-supported translation in Knowledgeworker Create saves on agency and processing costs. Instead of laboriously preparing, exporting, and sending your content to an agency, you can do the translation yourself with just a few clicks. No more contract negotiations or quote requests. With AI-supported translation, there’s no need for complex project management. All you need to do is include a review by a native speaker, and you can ensure that your translations are of a high quality.

So AI-assisted translation is not only faster, it’s also more cost-effective. You save up to 80%* compared with an agency translation and up to 55%* compared with an in-house translation. 

*Calculation based on overall processes including project management and review

Visualisation translation feature in Knowledgeworker Create

Inclusive communication thanks to AI-supported translation

Only learners who feel that content meets their needs will achieve their learning objectives and best possible results without frustration. When learners can access content in their native language, they immediately feel valued. They can assimilate information faster and the likelihood of misunderstandings and errors is drastically reduced. 

AI-based translation allows you to translate all eLearning content into the language your learners understand best, quickly and easily. This enables you to create a user-friendly learning environment right from the start, which maximizes learners’ potential.


This is how it works


The bottom line

AI-supported translation with Knowledgeworker Create offers you a time-saving and cost-effective way to inspire a global audience with your eLearning content. Tap new potential in international markets with minimum effort.

Nadine Pedro
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Nadine Pedro
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