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Integrated video conferencing within Knowledgeworker Share

BigBlueButton™, Jitsi™, and more

Visualization of video conferencing in the learning management system Knowledgeworker Share

It’s now even easier to work with video conferencing and virtual classrooms within Knowledgeworker Share! You can choose from two powerful meeting tools that are directly integrated into the learning management system: BigBlueButton™ and Jitsi™. You also have the option of integrating your own web links to other video conferences, thus making them easy to access. This minimizes your workload and allows you to address your learners in a central learning location.

Benefits to you:

  • Centralized management and administration on a single platform for organizers
  • Centralized invitation management and provision of all relevant information, links & documents for your learners
  • Automatic user login to video conferences via individual Knowledgeworker Share access
  • Latest technology makes for easy workingSpecial features for your trainers
Janet Beier | Senior Marketing Manager
Janet Beier
eLearning author

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Image source: New Africa/shutterstock.com