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Attract even more interest with interactive images

Image switching using image overlays

Visualisation Feature Layer Image in Knowledgeworker Create

Knowledgeworker Create already provides many features to help you facilitate exploratory learning. Exploratory learning means that you not only provide learners with knowledge, you also give them the skills to assimilate knowledge independently. This type of independent discovery enables your learners both to gain personal experiences and to engage more intensively with new information. This has a positive impact on motivation and learning outcomes.

New options with the “Layer image” feature

Click. Switch. Explore.

The new “Layer image” feature is used to superimpose two images in one frame. Learners click to move back and forth between the two different views within the frame. This enables you to highlight changes, details or processes even more clearly. You can display a wider shot in the first image and a more detailed shot in the second, for example, or show the initial phase of a development process in the first image and the final phase in the second. Whether it’s before and after comparisons, leaps in time, old and new, or focusing in on specific details—there are no limits to your creativity!

Imagine, training doctors in orthopedic medicine, for instance. The aim of the session might be to familiarize learners with the bones of the hand and to enable them to name them. Visually, this could be designed to show a general X-ray image of the hand in the first image and to highlight a specific bone in the superimposed second image.

Layers are therefore ideal for switching back and forth to illustrate changes, emphasize details, map processes, and add information to images. This makes learning even more interactive and exploratory.

Layer options

Icon layered image

Easy image switching

Switch easily between two different views within an image.

Icon layered image enlargement

Image magnification and image switching

Enlarge your images and switch back and forth between two different full-screen views.

Icon layered image enlargement with content

Image magnification with image switching and additional content

Switch back and forth between two different full-screen views. You can also add additional information on the content of your images in the form of text.

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