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Maximize quality with efficient and targeted review processes

Get lightning-fast feedback on your scenarios with Knowledgeworker Coach

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Review processes can be lengthy and expensive. Does this sound familiar? You’ve put many hours’ work into your eLearning project and now you want feedback from colleagues, managers and other stakeholders. This can become a time-consuming process, especially with regard to complex scenarios such as those found in Knowledgeworker Coach. Not everyone involved in the review process has access to your system. That’s how it should be and it’s important. So how do you create a lean and efficient review process that enables you to get feedback from a range of stakeholders in a short time and respond quickly and easily?

The review features in Knowledgeworker Coach ensure your scenarios are reviewed rapidly without the need for additional technical or time investment and enable you to make any changes promptly. Export your scenarios as PDFs including all text components and send them to the reviewers. This allows you to collect valuable feedback quickly—without having to access the tool. The intuitive search function for texts and IDs means you can then make changes in the right place in no time at all. This reduces the error rate immensely and thus increases the quality of your courses.


These features turn your reviews into quality boosters

PDF icon

PDF export

Export all scenario texts as PDF documents with unique IDs and make them available to your stakeholders or internal and external participants for review. 

Web preview icon

Password-protected web preview

They need feedback on the media used and the entire design as well as your texts? No problem! The password-protected web preview allows you to grant protected access to your complete scenario. 

Search icon

Intelligent search function

The intelligent search function ensures you can find text passages in need of correction. Assigning unique IDs allows you to avoid time-consuming searches through your scenario. Big and small corrections are quick and easy to make. 


Simple. Efficient. Targeted.

The benefits to you at a glance

Get a quick overview of all text content and thus speed up spelling and grammar checks. Whether you need a professional proofreading service or want your texts checked over by a second pair of eyes—PDF export provides an overview and enables you to get your texts thoroughly checked with little effort.

Nothing is more frustrating for learners than texts with errors or even technically incorrect content. The new review features support your review processes and ensure your content is of a consistently high quality. This promotes acceptance of your eLearning and ensures outstanding learning outcomes.

Each block of text exported has a unique ID. The ID and smart search function enable you to navigate your coach scenarios and conversations with ease. You can locate text passages in need of correction very quickly and make improvements.

Involve professionals in your content creation and make sure your content is up to date. Make your review documents available to stakeholders and obtain valuable knowledge for your scenarios, avoiding technical faux pas.

Have your content checked for compliance with legal requirements and safeguard yourself in the context of acceptance processes. The exported PDF is ideally suited to in-depth legal review, since it combines all texts in one document.


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