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Loops in Knowledgeworker Coach

Create, modify, and extend complex scenarios quickly and easily.

Man at laptop operating loops in Knowledgeworker Coach

Knowledgeworker Coach is the ideal way to prepare your learners for complex situations and conversations, train them to handle specific interactions, and simulate scenarios realistically. It’s the perfect opportunity to convey wide-ranging content in a playful way and promote self-directed learning.

You’ll now find it even easier to build complex scenarios with many choices and answers: Intuitive loops allow you to create wide-ranging, non-linear conversations in Knowledgeworker Coach without losing sight of the big picture.


Make the most of conversation building blocks

More clarity—same variety

Instead of recreating the conversation building blocks in your Knowledgeworker Coach scenarios, you can now use loops to refer back to existing building blocks within the conversation tree. Content remains complex, interesting and varied for learners, while conversation trees are clear and can be easily adapted.


Practical examples for optimal use

How to use loops in your scenarios

Build immersive and varied scenarios and conversations in no time. Use the feature 

  • to give learners the opportunity to ask questions and repeat topics
  • to incorporate realistic reactions, small talk, and friendly gestures without changing the course of the discussion
  • to create natural, authentic situations
  • to include interactive videos giving learners a say in how the content plays out
  • for virtual consultations providing information on specific topics and answering questions

There are no limits to your creativity. Use loops to create your content even faster, structure it clearly, and generate immersive, realistic, multi-layered situations for your learners. You can also disable the mixing of responses to create an even better user experience.

Learn everything you need to know about building engaging scenarios, virtual coaching, and scenario-based learning with Knowledgeworker Coach in our foundational course. Discover the many ways you can train and develop your learners in an on-demand and immersive way.


The bottom line

Loops are a simple but powerful tool that makes building complex scenarios clear and simple. They enable you to train learners in varied situations with a variety of decision-making paths and without having to create complicated and chaotic conversation trees. Loops help you avoid dead ends and allow you to edit, correct, and change content easily and quickly.

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