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Pixabay: an integrated image database

Knowledgeworker Create

visualization of Integration of the Pixabay image database into the Knowledgeworker Create authoring tool

The comprehensive Pixabay media database is now available directly within Knowledgeworker Create! This gives you access to a huge selection of images and graphics for your eTraining courses with just one click.

The benefits to you:

  • Quick selection of images and graphics
  • Direct transfer of license data and metadata
  • Images automatically saved in your image database
  • Time saved through direct integration into Knowledgeworker Create authoring software


You’ll find the perfect picture for your online courses in no time at all and can immediately integrate it in the right place without wasting valuable time!

Janet Beier | Senior Marketing Manager
Janet Beier
eLearning author

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Image source: Roman Samborskyi/shutterstock.com