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Knowledgeworker Coach skills assessments

Set goals. Give feedback. Strengthen skills.

Notebook mit Skill Assessments in Knowledgeworker Coach

In the world of work, soft skills and power skills are at least as important as hard skills. Leadership skills, empathy, negotiation skills, and communication skills cannot be developed through simple online courses or worksheets. To acquire skills successfully, your employees need authentic training situations and differentiated feedback.

Are you already using skills in your Knowledgeworker Coach conversations? Each reaction or response can be associated with specific skills from a predefined set. When learners select the relevant answer, their score for the associated skill increases. And when conversations are evaluated, they get an overview of their progress with competencies in a clear radar chart: a good way of giving quick feedback on an otherwise rather abstract topic. This form of feedback leaves some questions unanswered, however: What is learners’ progress with skills development compared with learning objectives? How should any given skill be assessed? Is 75% of a skill sufficient or not?


Define learning objectives. Give skills weightings.

Use skills assessments to maximize skills development

In order to give learners the best possible feedback, Knowledgeworker Coach dialog evaluations include an optional skills assessment. In addition to evaluating the learners, the radar chart also shows the predefined benchmarks for the skills in question. Benchmarks can for example be company-defined criteria that learners have to meet. Learners can thus see at a glance whether they have met the learning objective or they need further training in a particular area. There is also the option to save phased feedback in the system. For each skill, you can define the percentages for which a different feedback is displayed and enter the relevant comments. If necessary, you can also provide your learners with web links supplying additional information or training options depending on their results. 

Discover the benefits of skills and skills assessments in our sales training demo conversation.


Combine technologies—benefit from synergies

Using analytics and skills assessment in tandem

Are you already benefiting from learning analytics? Knowledgeworker Coach includes an xAPI interface that allows you to collect, measure, and analyze learning data in order to improve your results. A clever combination of skills, skills assessment, and tracking generates innovative opportunities for feedback, recommendations for action, and gamification. Use your tracking data as a basis for comparison and show your learners where they stand in comparison with the entire pool of learners or with specific groups. You can access an overview of skills development in your organization at any time and follow up with further training.


How to use skills assessments

Practical examples of how to use Knowledgeworker Coach

Skills assessments can be used whenever your learners require a variety of skills in order to master complex conversations. They are especially helpful if you want to train and evaluate power skills rather than asking purely knowledge-based questions. Use the feature for:

  • Sales training
  • Conflict management
  • Leadership training
  • Feedback discussions
  • Soft skills / power skills
  • Complex conversations, such as customer and complaints management


Skills assessments give learners get a sense of how well they have used and strengthened certain skills, instead of merely providing feedback on the mood of the other person. 

Learn everything you need to know about skills, skill assessments, and scenario-based learning with Knowledgeworker Coach in our foundational course. Discover the many ways you can train and develop your learners in an on-demand and immersive way.



Do you want to use gamification to make learning more fun, increase motivation, and optimize learning outcomes? Instead of skills, your learners can also hone fantasy powers, such as strength, stamina, and accuracy, or collect magical talismans or coins. Let your imagination run wild and harness the system’s technical potential to create magical adventures for your learners, using benchmarks to determine when the brave heroes have reached the end of the adventure successfully.


The bottom line

Skills assessments are an excellent method of extending skills evaluation in Knowledgeworker Coach. Learners are given a direct visual comparison of their results with benchmarks, along with skills-related feedback, and thus get a feel for their individual progress. Combining skills assessments with other technologies and learning methods gives you a varied mix that maximizes skills development. 

Want to use skills and skills assessments in your coaching discussions on the basis of your own skills sets? Contact us at beratung@chemmedia.de—we will be happy to assist you with development and implementation.

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