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Videos with chapters—with well-placed links to bookmarks

Improved video navigation for faster and more effective learning

Visualisation of video chapters in Knowledgeworker Create

Videos are an integral part of successful eLearning strategies. They convey important information via moving images and sound, addressing several senses and learning types at the same time. Truly the perfect learning medium. However, training videos have two major disadvantages:

  • Duration: Most videos are very long—recordings of events such as webinars or video tutorials in particular are usually long in duration. These take up a lot of viewing time. 
  • Unmanageable content: The information contained in videos is difficult to find. Anyone who has ever searched for a specific passage in a video knows the problem: You click around wildly on the timeline, hoping to hit the right spot. Frustrating.

The solution for optimal learning with videos

Chapters for your video content in Knowledgeworker Create

Using video chapters, you can benefit from moving-image content without having to accept its disadvantages. Make the videos easy to navigate, highlight interesting passages, and reuse them at different points with different chapters.


How to make the most of video chapters

Practical examples for your video content in Knowledgeworker Create

You can use video chapters for any type of video content. Provide your learners with varied formats to maintain motivation and interest. Video chapters give you a unique opportunity to provide your content in the best possible way for your learners. Use the feature for:

  • Screencasts
  • Webinar recordings
  • Lectures
  • Explanatory videos
  • Tutorials
  • Vlogs
  • Video podcasts
  • …and much more!


Combine video chapters with video interactions in Knowledgeworker Create and create the perfect learning medium for your online course.

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The bottom line

Videos are a powerful medium for learners. However, they are often too long and it is difficult to find the information they contain. Using video chapters in Knowledgeworker Create, you can enjoy the benefits of video content without suffering its disadvantages. You accelerate learning, improve learning outcomes, and motivate your learners with varied content.


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