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First aid course online

How to ensure that your employees will act properly in an emergency


Medical emergencies and accidents can occur at any time. Whether in road traffic, in the private household, or while working—the faster and more competent the first responders react, the better the chances for the injured parties. The proper response in an emergency requires courage and self confidence on the part of those involved. With an online first aid course, you give your employees the necessary certainty to act competently and quickly in emergency situations. With interactive scenarios, you can simulate various emergencies and give training in the right response. Your employees can repeat the training as often as they like until they have learned the life-saving measures by heart.


First aid training for your employees

Online training in the correct action


Confident behavior in stressful situations

The online first aid course refreshes knowledge on a regular basis

Do you know how to react if you find an unconscious person? Yes? Then you’re ahead of most people. Fortunately, first aid skills are rarely used in everyday life. The appropriate actions that you learned in the last course are quickly forgotten again. Nervousness and perhaps even fear make us unable to act. Even a few measures that are easy to implement can make all the difference. 

Our demo first aid course provides training in

  • first aid for an unconscious person
  • proper action for respiratory arrest
  • cardiopulmonary resuscitation

individual scenarios for your employees

Online first aid course for your specific needs

Depending on your business, a range of different dangers may be lurking. Heavy machinery, corrosive chemicals, or working at height all have special requirements for occupational safety and health. But people make mistakes and accidents can happen. With an individual first aid course, you can address all possible scenarios that could affect your employees. Include on-site first aid options such as first aid kits, eye washes, and emergency phones in your course, or give training in how to deal with specific injuries, such as heat or chemical burns. This ensures that your employees are provided with the best possible care at all times and can act courageously and confidently in an emergency. We will be happy to create your individual scenario for you. 


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The bottom line.

A digital first aid course that’s available online gives your employees the opportunity to train in the right way to act in an emergency at any time and from any location. In this way, you minimize damage caused by accidents or medical emergencies, and ensure the health and safety of your employees. We will be happy to support you in designing and implementing your individual first aid training course.


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