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Online hygiene training for your company

Safety and health for your employees, customers and patients


Hygiene is a hugely important issue for all companies, regardless of size or sector. Good hygiene practices help to safeguard the health and safety of your employees and reduce the risk of infectious diseases and other health problems. Hygiene training is a key component of employee training. Training courses dealing specifically with hygiene improve regulatory compliance and raise awareness of the importance of good hygiene practices. However, hygiene training requirements may vary depending on the type of company or sector you work in. In catering or healthcare, for example, your employees will have to adhere to special hygiene standards to ensure that your customers and patients stay healthy and safe. It is therefore important that hygiene training courses are specifically tailored to companies’ requirements in order to be as effective as possible.


Enable online hygiene training

Make hygiene a top priority


Everyday hygiene and hygiene in clinical facilities

The foundations of a safe and healthy everyday environment

Hygiene training is important, and recommended for all employees. However, training content must be appropriate to the sector they operate in. Employees in clinics or nursing homes will need to follow different rules and guidelines than office workers or operatives who come into contact with food. Taking an adaptive approach to content creation for specific target groups will ensure that all your employees receive the optimal hygiene training for their area of work.

Our online hygiene training covers:

  • Understanding Infections
  • General Hygiene
  • Safe Use of FFP2 Masks
  • Clinical Hygiene (option for hospital staff)

Online hygiene training: Health comes first

Individualized. Precise. Effective.

Online hygiene training not only helps keep your customers or patients healthy, it also raises hygiene awareness in everyday life and in interpersonal relationships. The coronavirus pandemic brought home the impact high levels of sick leave can have on companies. Good hygiene practices can keep sick leave to a minimum, especially during the winter, reducing financial risks. 

You can adjust target groups and content to your employees’ individual working environments, ensuring that employees only receive the information that they actually need. This cuts learning times and ensures that trainees are better able to absorb content. We will be happy to design and create hygiene training courses tailored specifically to your industry and your employees. In line with your corporate design, digital, and audit-proof.


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The bottom line.

Good workplace hygiene promotes employee safety and health and ensures your long-term success. Online hygiene training offers numerous benefits, including flexibility, cost efficiency, and greater effectiveness. In sectors with strict hygiene requirements in particular, targeted, individualized training is essential to comply with legal requirements and gain the trust of customers and/or patients. Practical online training formats and personalized content bring your employees up to speed and boost their job satisfaction and productivity.

Nadine Pedro
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Nadine Pedro
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