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The digital coach for scenario-based learning

The smart way to develop skills

Train learners to handle conversations and conflict situations, promote social skills, and enhance soft skills. Realistic. Authentic. Sustainable.

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Discover Coach

Individualized. Flexible. Effective.

Focused coaching for maximum corporate success

Visualisation Responsiveness

Coaching: an impactful personnel development tool

Simply practice, play, repeat, and apply in the real world

Integrating the interactive coach into your eLearning strategy provides you with a scenario-based communication trainer that enables you to take a playful approach to training your employees to communicate in specific corporate situations. This allows you to optimize their communication skills and heighten their awareness of situations they encounter. It also enables you to provide them with information, improve their assertiveness and develop their empathy in the context of such situations. In short, it facilitates goal- and results-oriented communication. Coaching takes place digitally, in a state-of-the-art online environment. The authentic context means that digital coaching is relevant and learning can be applied immediately.


How it works

Visualisation realistic dialogue simulation

Realistic dialog simulation

Learning in dialog-based scenarios with a range of outcomes

Construct diverse real-world scenarios from your business environment quickly and easily. Whether you want to your employees to have the skills to conduct convincing sales conversations for new products, offer supportive advice, or even handle customer complaints, situational training will teach them how to react empathetically, correctly, and purposefully. Online coaching requires them to decide how to react to the answers and questions of the digital interlocutor. Mistakes and inappropriate reactions immediately become apparent. Different responses lead to different situations, which enable coaching participants to learn from experience how best to proceed. Patterns of behavior and important arguments are thus highlighted.


Individually tailored to all departments in your company

Give your employees peace of mind, confidence, and personal competence

Visualisation individual communication coaching

Provide them with individualized coaching in the business area that is relevant to them. Increase the expertise of your sales department and thus your company’s sales figures. Give your call center employees confidence and boast both highly communicative personnel and satisfied customers. Work with professional, specialist account managers and consultants, who have outstanding interpersonal skills and take your company into the future. 


Just try it out


Interactive. Responsive. Flexible.

Real success with coaching - guaranteed

Illustration Feature content drag and drop

Efficient creation of materials

Drag & drop makes it easy to create complex scenarios relating to sales or requests for advice, with a wide range of potential outcomes.

Illustration feature full responsive

Fully responsive and mobile

The scenarios you create will be made available in the form of responsive web content (HTML5). You can use them on a desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Illustration feature multimedia

Videos, photos, graphics

It’s easy to integrate videos, images, and graphics into the conversation to make the situation even more realistic.

Illustration feature feedback communication flow

Direct feedback

Live feedback enables you to promote a positive learning experience, as participants can evaluate their abilities at any time. 

Illustration feature: storyboard


You don't need any other software and create your storyboard directly in Knowledgeworker Coach simply via drag & drop.

Illustration feature multiformat

Integration and publication

All digital coaching sessions can be rolled out via your existing learning management system. They are also easy to integrate into websites or online courses.

Illustration feature: Reports and analytics

Evaluation and reporting

After sessions, you will have access to extensive data enabling you to evaluate all participants’ achievement.

Illustration feature template based layout

Corporate design

To encourage participants to identify as closely as possible with their training, adapt the template to your corporate design and use individualized avatars in your visual language.

Reading man on tablet visualises scenario-based learning

Scenario-based learning

Generate active knowledge, including during the learning process, by situating learning in a realistic context: a simulated conversation. This active training process ensures knowledge is stored in the long term memory.

cheerful woman on a tablet visualises mobile learning

Mobile learning

Give your learners freedom and flexibility! Allow learners to choose when and where to their personal coaching will take place. Provide the technology and thus support individuals’ learning.

happy man visualises gamification in eLearning


Take advantage of emotions such as curiosity, ambition, and fighting spirit to boost motivation and achievement. This is easy to do: you simply transfer the principles and features of familiar games into the learning context. 

Woman wearing jacket sits at a table

Advice and design

We would be happy to help you develop your skills when using the interactive coach. We can show you potential solutions, sketch out conversations, and design training courses for your employees to maximize their effectiveness.

Man and woman in grey jacket

Content creation

Easy outsourcing of coaching scenario creation. We create individualized conversations relating to your products, services, and specific everyday situations in your company. 

Man looks at a cardboard panel on which media elements are sketched

Graphics, videos, and animations

Enhance your coaching with integrated videos and animations. Make situations seem as real as possible. Our team of in-house experts will take care of your images, graphics, videos, and animations.

Woman with headphones holding smartphone


In order to help you create varied and realistic conversations, we offer complete soundtracks for specific scenarios. We take care of design, editing, and integration. 

Woman looking at tablet


Place the translation process in our reliable hands and save valuable time. We are happy to internationalize all your coaching and will provide ready-to-use coaching scenarios.

Woman next to flipchart

Workshops, training sessions, webinars

We’ll get you in shape. We offer a range of sessions for authors and users, webinars, workshops, and face-to-face events for all types of eLearning. Ready for the future?


Cognitive, social, and emotional

Experiential and holistic learning

Visualisation dialogue flow

Simulated discussions get the emotions involved and thus subconsciously promote motivation and achievement. Coaching participants are personally involved in the dialog with their interlocutor, are immersed in the process, and can immediately see what effect their reactions have, becoming aware of the decisions they are making. They gain experience that enables them to identify the right path for themselves and learn autonomously.


Your contact

I’m delighted you’re interested and I’m looking forward to getting to know you!

Gerrit Schüppel | E‑Learning Consultant
Gerrit Schüppel
Germany: + 49 371 49 370 153
Switzerland: +41 44 999 80 08
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