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Features and functions at a glance

This is what your Knowledgeworker Coach comes with


Building block principle

Create immersive scenarios using the building block system. Questions and answers or reactions as well as feedback to them are stored as straightforward building blocks that you can move at any time as needed.

Various Layouts

Profit from the different layouts when creating your trainings in Knowledgeworker Coach. Depending on your use case, choose between "Behavior" for dynamic situations or "Dialog" for realistic conversation simulations.

Image and Video Integration

Integrate videos, photos or graphics into your Knowledgeworker Coach trainings. Create realistic interlocutors and exciting scenarios thanks to the multimedia features.


Create clear storyboards via drag and drop. No additional software or programming knowledge needed. Create immersive learning scenarios and engaging conversations with just a few clicks.


In your storyboard, form loops between each conversation element. Instead of repeating parts of the dialog over and over, you can simply link back to an earlier point.

Efficient review processes

Thanks to PDF export, password-protected web preview and intelligent search, your review processes in Knowledgeworker Coach are particularly efficient and easy to implement.


Knowledgeworker Coach scenarios can be exported (HTML5) and published to the web or used offline in just a few clicks. Integrate your scenarios into existing online courses or embed them into your LMS.

Full Responsiveness

All Knowledgeworker Coach scenarios are fully responsive. Use the created content on desktop, a tablet or on mobile - without any loss of quality.

Live Feedback

Give your learners instant feedback after each action. This will help you reinforce desired behaviors during training and provide optimal support for skill development


Insert relevant skills such as empathy, sales skills, or solution orientation into your scenarios and assign them to the answer choices. This way, you evaluate your learners' soft skills in a meaningful way.

Results at a Glance

Your learners will receive a graphical evaluation of their skills in the form of a network diagram at the end of the training. The results are easy for everyone to understand and interpret.

Skill Assessment

Provide benchmarks for the selected skills. This allows learners to immediately see if the performance achieved meets the organization's requirements or if training is still needed.

Generalized feedback

Give staggered feedback depending on the skill scores achieved. In doing so, you can also store further links, e.g. for additional training opportunities.

Comprehensive evaluation

Profit from comprehensive reporting after training. Evaluate the success of their measures across the board and derive new focus areas.


Use xAPI to track progress and completions of your coaching sessions. Easily integrate your scenarios into your LMS and collect usage behavior data.


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