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The state-of-the-art authoring tool for global companies

Create and internationalize online courses fast

Knowledgeworker Create enables you to inspire learners, provide a positive learning experience, and improve learning outcomes in your company in the long term.

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Unbeatably good

Centralized. Together. Fast.

The unparalleled learning content management system

Knowledgeworker Create is not only an authoring tool that enables you to create state-of-the-art online courses, it also simplifies your workflows and management processes. It brings all participants in the process together and allows you to work collaboratively. Save time. Save resources. Shorten your course creation times.


Accessible online courses

Learning and business success with Knowledgeworker Create

Experience the future of learning with our barrier-free learning offers! We bring dynamism, energy and excitement to your continuing education and are guaranteed to leave no one behind. Accessible learning and, in particular, barrier-free learning opportunities allow you to truly offer effective continuing education and personal development to every group of people.

Through accessible learning opportunities, you support all employees and create an inclusive work environment. This gives everyone in your company the chance to reach their full potential and contribute their knowledge in the best possible way. By showing everyone the same appreciation, you position yourself as an inclusive employer and increase the loyalty of your employees. An inclusive work culture will also help maximize your company's success.

We believe the future of learning is inclusive and puts no barriers in anyone's way. With our accessible learning offerings, you're on the right path to creating an effective, appreciative and successful work culture - for everyone.

Leonie Lichte

Leonie Lipka

Expert Corporate Academy

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We’ve been using Knowledgeworker Create since 2012 to design employee training sessions for all our markets—in up to 11 countries and 8 languages. The software provides consistent support for our knowledge management process and makes it easier for our in-house authors to create modern, mobile content. This adds real value for us, and is reflected in positive feedback on the learning experience as a whole.


Agile not linear

Collaborative: Subject experts, authors, instructional designers, educationalists, reviewers, translators, managers

Everyone works together centrally in the authoring tool, right from the outset. This breaks down long process chains, where the next step can only be started once the previous one has been completed. Experts and authors work together to ensure the highest quality content. Designers start work as soon as the first sections are ready. Reviewers contribute directly and provide immediate feedback. You maximize the efficiency of your course creation.


Online courses in minutes

It couldn’t be better or quicker.

Visualization of Knowledgeworker Create on different end devices

Build state-of-the-art interactive online courses using drag & drop—it’s easy and requires no programming knowledge. Access templates, integrate interactivity with just one click, and work with images, collages, videos, audio files, timelines, boxes, questions, and hotspots—there are no limits to your creativity. All you have to focus on is your content. Your template controls the design. Many rapid authoring features speed up your course creation, enabling you to produce professional learning content and unique learning experiences efficiently.

Mareike Wolter

Mareike Wolter

Head of Training and Skill Development

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Knowledgeworker Create is just right for us. Our authors are spread around the world and collaborate on our courses. Induction is easy and new colleagues can start directly online. The learning content management system is easy to operate and allows users to create interactive learning modules by means of a series of templates, adding and combining text, images, videos, animations, and other content.


Task and review management

High-quality content, transparency, and efficient collaboration guaranteed

Reduce your production times, eliminate sources of error, and ensure stakeholder approval. Work where the content is located. Say goodbye to correcting PDF files and sending superfluous emails with different versions of courses.

Everyone involved can record their comments as tasks directly in your online course, and address them to the person concerned. You can view progress immediately, and everyone else can see clearly what changes still need to be made. This means that comments and notes do not get lost and are available centrally to everyone. No other software is required for course creation or coordination.

Mario Rümmler | Coop

Mario Rümmler

Head Digital Learning

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Lifelong learning is a big topic. And it has to be well organized in companies. The solution is eLearning. eLearning is a tool that enables us to train valuable competencies in a targeted manner. Knowledgeworker helps us to design the best possible process.


Translation management & AI-assisted translation

Rapid, reliable internationalization

Get your online courses translated easily and seamlessly. Integrated translation management means you don’t lose any content. You can view the current translation status of all elements linked to your course at any time: Media, questions, texts, meta details, and much more. Subsequent changes to online course content are immediately registered in translation management and displayed as pending. This allows you to work on courses at the same time as they are being translated. Translation packages can be easily exported/imported in XML format for collaboration with agencies.

AI-supported translation in Knowledgeworker Create saves on agency and processing costs. Instead of laboriously preparing, exporting, and sending your content to an agency, you can do the translation yourself with just a few clicks. No more contract negotiations or quote requests. With AI-supported translation, there’s no need for complex project management. All you need to do is include a review by a native speaker, and you can ensure that your translations are of a high quality.


Modern. Simple. Unbeatable.

Unique learning experiences, guaranteed


Clear, centralized course administration

Centralized management of the content you have created: online courses, sharable content objects, learning objectives, media files, quizzes, and tasks. See at a glance which courses already have integrated elements such as sharable content objects. You can also control translations and publishing processes from here.

Ready-made templates and features

Numerous templates, ready-made interactive elements and question sets help you to develop creative content that is automatically matched to your corporate design. The easy-to-use, template-based drag & drop editor saves you valuable resources when creating courses and requires no programming knowledge whatsoever.

Template-based working

Ensure your material has a coherent, modern look. Using templates guarantees that they will fit with your corporate design, leaving authors free to focus entirely on content. Any adaptations to your design are undertaken centrally in your individual template, and all existing courses are updated automatically.

Fully responsive

Use the Knowledgeworker Create authoring tool to create responsive online courses immediately. As you develop your courses, the intuitive course editor shows you how they will look on different devices. You can also make specific adjustments and see your changes directly in the editor.

Sustainable knowledge management

Manage your knowledge sustainably with a central database. Centralized storage of all content, such as sharable content objects, questions, and media. This allows you to reuse content at any time and recombine it in new courses. To make changes, simply go back to the original and all courses will be automatically updated.


Graphics, photos, images, animations, documents, videos, audio files, podcasts, streaming, multimedia content (HTML5 animations). It’s easy to incorporate the media you want to use, deploying multimedia content to improve learning outcomes, accelerate learning, and enrich the learning experience.

Conditions, pre-tests, restrictions

Define conditions to adapt the nature and content of your online courses to your learners’ knowledge level, learning preferences, and environments. Successful completion of a pre-test, for example, could enable users to skip forward in your online course, or you could only allow content to be unlocked once learners have completed a particular section.

Tests and quizzes

Create varied question sets with ease. You can design single or multiple choice questions, matching exercises, picture selection, gapfills, open questions, right/wrong questions, and customized question types (HTML5). And once you have created questions, you can reuse them in other courses at any time.

Media and license management

Ensure that media can be retrieved and images are used lawfully. In addition to recording the names and descriptions of media, the media library enables you to add a wide variety of tags, indicate the type of media, the type of license purchased, licensor and licensee details, and provide a link to the image source for each file.


Provide all learners with outstanding, unrestricted learning. The authoring tool incorporates many features that will help you design accessible online courses. These include image descriptions, transcripts of audio files, video subtitles, keyboard controls, screen reader software, and much more. (Accessibility Conformance Report)

Role and rights management

Make teamwork simple. Flexible role and rights management allows you to involve different participants in the creation, review, and translation processes on the basis of the rights you assign. You can allocate specific rights and functions to particular user groups.


Make your online courses available on- or offline. When your sessions are ready, the authoring tool allows you to separate them into different output formats quickly and easily. Knowledgeworker Create complies with all the latest eLearning standards, including cmi5, xAPI (Tin Can), SCORM 2004, and SCORM 1.2.

Mobile learning

Create flexible learning environments where your learners can learn whenever and wherever they want. The responsive online courses from Knowledgeworker Create’s authoring tool allow you to deliver content to all of your learners’ devices—from smartphones to HD monitors. You don’t need to make any adjustments or develop content in multiple formats. Once created, the content automatically adjusts itself.

Adaptive learning

Increase learners’ concentration, motivation, and achievement with dynamic content! Knowledgeworker Create includes a variety of features that enable your learners to follow individualized learning paths that are tailored to them. It takes into account prior experience, learners’ current knowledge levels, and individual preferences. Your online courses adapt to the levels and learning styles of your learners. 


Provide employees with relevant knowledge when they need it, encourage informal, needs-based learning in the era of omnipresent, networked, mobile technologies. Use the authoring tool to create short units of learning that are easy for your learners’ brains to retain. These increase learners’ motivation and achievement and are efficient and cost-effective.

Creating online courses

Take advantage of our experienced in-house team of multimedia experts, instructional designers, graphic artists, and eLearning developers. We work with you to create individualized online courses, develop meaningful content, and revise existing content and courses; we also provide standardized content and take care of content migration. 

Graphics, videos, and animations

Create unforgettable learning experiences! Liven up your online courses with vivid graphics. Use videos to explain complex issues. Use animations to illustrate connections or to create interactive depictions of broader themes. Our team of in-house experts will take care of your images, graphics, visualizations, animations, and videos.


Pipe exciting knowledge directly into your learners’ ears! Soundtracks provide learners with variety and have huge potential—and our services cover everything from storyboards through editing to integration into your online courses. Take advantage of our network of professional voice artists, who will be happy to explain issues or describe interaction options in whatever language you require.


Put translation in our expert hands and save valuable time. We will be happy to internationalize your online courses and can translate all metadata, image files, and integrated content into more than 50 languages. Our translations always reflect your specialist terminology and translation standards.

Workshops, training sessions, webinars

We’ll get you in shape. We offer a range of training courses for authors and users. We also share our expertise through webinars, workshops, and face-to-face events on learning strategies, teaching methodologies, blended learning, adaptive learning, microlearning, mobile learning, and many other eLearning topics. 

Michael Rösch

Michael Rösch

Head of Learning and Innovation, AP Gamification and Applicant Management

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The reusability and referencing of content have led to very large time savings for our company with regards to course creation. The same is true of the integrated translation logic, which greatly simplifies our work in multiple languages. Our production times are much shorter, and we are also have a tool that both has plenty of features and is easy to use.


Award Winner

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Banner Award Winning Software

Multiple-award-winning rapid authoring tool

Knowledgeworker Create increases production speed!

Several companies already benefit from faster production times thanks to the integrated rapid authoring features in the authoring tool. These create state-of-the-art, interactive, fully responsive content quickly, cost-effectively, and without the need for larger numbers of personnel. 


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We shorten the process of content creation, delivering impressively lean, efficient and cost-effective eLearning processes. More than 90% of our projects break even within a year—and 60% do so within 6 months.