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Accessible learning

Use Knowledgeworker Create to develop accessible online courses


Tackling the shortage of skilled workers together

Education as a responsibility for society as a whole

More than 7.9 million people with severe disabilities live in Germany. In addition, there are people with disabilities such as hearing loss or impaired vision. People of all ages are affected. Just 4% of disabilities are hereditary. It is therefore important to think about the future of your digital education programs now. Align your eLearning courses with the needs of all learners and give them unimpeded access to knowledge and training.

Taking potential human limitations into account right from the start creates a real competitive advantage. Accessible learning and above all accessible learning programs enable you to effectively train and develop any group of people—without exception. You nurture all your employees, giving everyone the opportunity to contribute their knowledge to the company and thereby maximize your company’s success. You value everyone equally, position yourself as an inclusive employer and benefit from the loyalty of your employees.


How accessible learning works

Learning and business success with Knowledgeworker Create

Knowledgeworker Create offers you everything you need to make your online courses accessible and inclusive. Find out how and learn about the accessibility standards that Knowledgeworker Create already supports in the Accessibility Conformance Report. We are continuing to expand the features for accessible application on an ongoing basis. Maintaining a close dialogue with institutes is a vital part of this. We also have our accessible online courses reviewed by test groups in order to optimize and expand our offering. Plan your digital learning program accessibly from the outset and benefit from an inclusive learning culture. We’ll make sure it’s feasible.