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Accessible learning in eLearning

Create accessible online courses with the Knowledgeworker Create authoring tool

Accessible learning
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Accessible online courses

No limits, no boundaries! Knowledgeworker Create breaks all barriers!

Experience the future of learning! With our accessible learning offerings, we bring dynamism, energy and excitement to your continuing education. Everyone, really everyone, can benefit and develop their full potential. Accessible learning and, above all, accessible learning opportunities enable you to effectively train and develop any group of people - without exception. You promote all employees, give everyone the chance to contribute their knowledge to the company, and thus maximize your company's success. You show everyone the same appreciation, position yourself as an inclusive employer and benefit from the loyalty of your employees.

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Inclusion and equal opportunities

With accessible online courses, you enable all employees, regardless of their individual abilities or limitations, to access and participate in your training offerings. You ensure equal opportunities and promote the inclusion of people with different needs, whether due to physical, cognitive, or sensory limitations.


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Laws & Compliance

Many countries have introduced laws and regulations that require accessibility of online content and services, including e-learning. If you are affected, you need to ensure that your online courses meet the applicable guidelines to avoid legal consequences and ensure compliance.


Your LMS is based around specific needs and target groups

Expansion of the target group

Providing accessible online courses opens up new opportunities to reach a broader target group. This includes not only people with disabilities, but also older people who may have certain access or operating barriers. Accessible e-learning offerings help maximize the potential of learners and open up the education sector to a more diverse group of participants.



How barrier-free learning succeeds

With Knowledgeworker Create to learning and business success

Infographic: digital barriers in Germany

The Knowledgeworker Create authoring tool provides you everything you need to make your online courses accessible and inclusive. The functions are continuously being expanded. This is done in close dialog with institutions and via test groups that test accessible online courses. . You can find all the details in the Accessibility Conformance Report. 

You can find support for creating accessible online courses in the free online course "Accessibility with Knowledgeworker Create - Creating and designing accessible learning content".


Accessible online courses

2 accessible online courses to try out

Preview Online Course Intercultural Communication

Intercultural communication

online course Hygiene in clinical and everyday settings

Hygiene in daily life and in clinics


Beat the Barrier: Make your online courses accessible!

Now create accessible e-learning courses effortlessly with Knowledgeworker Create. Increase the accessibility of your online courses and expand your participant base. Learn more and try Knowledgeworker Create today.

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Gerrit Schüppel
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