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Create online courses: Fast. Simple. Without coding skills.

Vollständig responsiv und barrierefrei

Visualization Create online courses with authoring tool Knowledgeworker Create
Visualization Create online courses with the authoring tool Knowledgeworker Create

Creating an online course made easy

Magically simple with the Knowledgeworker Create authoring tool

With the help of dynamic building blocks, you can create high-quality online courses in minutes with the Knowledgeworker Create authoring tool. Use drag & drop to combine images, media and text blocks with interactions and questions.Templates and an integrated AI simplify the entire process of creating online courses. 

Visualization first step in the Knowledgeworker Create authoring tool

Start the creation process

PowerPoint and PDF conversion
Convert PowerPoint files to modern online courses instantly

Knowledgeworker AI KI-KAI
Create a rough course outline or a complete online course in simple steps

Your own creation
Create your online course from scratch without KI-KAI

Integrated templates and assets
Access integrated templates and interactive elements in the tool  

Visualization second step in the authoring tool

Customize your online course individually

Ensure an optimal learning experience for all (in accordance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 requirements)

Images and graphics
Create images and graphics with the Knowledgeworker AI KI-KAI or use the integrated stock image database

Responsive design
Automatically created fully responsive


Visualization third step in the authoring tool Knowledgeworker Create

Work together in a perfect workflow

Thanks to integrated review management, you can work together centrally: Version control, approvals and assignments 

Use translation management to check for seamless translations and use the AI-supported translation option with AI KI-KAI


Mareike Wolter

Mareike Wolter

Head of Training and Skill Development

IPC GmbH logo

Knowledgeworker Create is just right for us. Our authors are spread around the world and collaborate on our courses. Induction is easy and new colleagues can start directly online. The learning content management system is easy to operate and allows users to create interactive learning modules by means of a series of templates, adding and combining text, images, videos, animations, and other content.


Award Winner

eLearning Awards authoring tool Knowledgeworker Create
Banner Award Winning Software

Multiple-award-winning rapid authoring tool

Knowledgeworker Create increases production speed!

Several companies already benefit from faster production times thanks to the integrated rapid authoring features in the authoring tool. These create state-of-the-art, interactive, fully responsive content quickly, cost-effectively, and without the need for larger numbers of personnel. 


Integrated AI KI-KAI for creating online courses

Course structure, learning objectives, course content, quizzes

Preview authoring tool Knowledgeworker Create with integrated AI

Leave time-consuming and repetitive tasks such as content structures, drafts, and creating quizzes to the AI. Integrated directly into the authoring tool, Knowledgeworker Artificial Intelligence (KI-KAI) not only creates a didactically logical course structure for you, but also formulates individual texts tailored to your target group, and even entire online training courses. KI-KAI helps with writer’s block and shortens time-consuming text writing. Focus on the big picture and see for yourself how the course creation process becomes faster and smoother. 


Create, share and translate online courses

Review, approval, translation, and publication

Everyone involved works together centrally in the Knowledgeworker Create authoring tool, which enables direct review and comment functions. After approval, you start the internationalization process via the integrated translation management. The entire process is controlled centrally, without additional software. This saves time and resources when creating online courses. The authoring tool Knowledgeworker Create enables the flexible creation of online courses and complies with modern eLearning standards such as cmi5, xAPI, SCORM 2004 and SCORM 1.2.

Integrated review process in the authoring tool Knowledgeworker Create

Integrated review management

The review process is integrated and takes place directly on the course. No more unnecessary sending of eMails or revised PDF versions!

Integrated translation management in the authoring tool Knowledgeworker Create

Translation management

The translation process is monitored by the authoring tool and takes place centrally in the course. You have a seamless translation and will never have to search for translation variants of your online course again!

Reusability of online courses in the authoring tool Knowledgeworker Create

Reusability of all content

All content can be used over and over again. Whether it's part of an online course or all of it: you can simply re-integrate any content anywhere and no longer have to create anything twice!

Michael Rösch

Michael Rösch

Head of Learning and Innovation, AP Gamification and Applicant Management

Capita logo

The reusability and referencing of content have led to very large time savings for our company with regards to course creation. The same is true of the integrated translation logic, which greatly simplifies our work in multiple languages. Our production times are much shorter, and we are also have a tool that both has plenty of features and is easy to use.


Just try it out

It couldn’t be better or quicker.

Visualization of Knowledgeworker Create on different end devices

Test the integrated drag & drop editor in the authoring tool: Directly in the browser. Free of charge. Without download. Without installation.
Or use the 30-day free full version of the authoring tool including all features and functions.  

Visualization Create adaptive online courses

Automatically create adaptable online courses

Adaptive learning: Your booster for more learning success

By defining conditions, you can easily adapt your learning content to the knowledge level and preferences of your employees. Successfully completed pretests enable progress, while content is only unlocked once certain chapters have been completed. 

Visualization: Always reuse content from online courses

Reuse content with ease

Once created—always reusable

Create content modules for online courses and save them for reuse. Changes to the original content are automatically updated in all courses. Efficient content management for dynamic online courses.



Banner checklist authoringtool
Banner checklist authoringtool eLearning

Find the right eLearning authoring tool

60 useful selection criteria to help you

This checklist makes it easy to define and record your specific requirements with regard to your future authoring tool.


These features support you when creating an online course

Accelerate your output and halve your development time

Stock Images

More than 1.5 million images 

Stock Videos

More than 50,000 videos 

Stock Audios

More than 55,000 audios

Sound effects

More than 85,000 sound effects

Responsive Templates

Templates in your corporate design


Ready-made interactive elements


Accessible according to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1


Global design customization with a few clicks


Reuse all content with just a few clicks


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Creating an online course - A short guide

9 steps to the online course

creating elearning content in 9 steps

Step 1

Define learning objectives

Define clear learning objectives before you create your e-learning. To do this, first consider your company goals or the individual development needs of your employees. What skills do they need to achieve them? 

Step 2

Gather and select content

Start by collecting existing materials. All media such as documents, presentations, videos and other resources are suitable for this. Search your internal databases and external sources to find relevant information.



Step 3

Create and prepare content

Now that you have compiled your materials, it's time to prepare and optimize them for your online course.Create new content to fill in gaps or provide missing information.



Step 4

Develop the didactic design

It’s time to develop a didactic design that ensures your learners learn effectively and achieve their goals. Develop a coherent and logical structure for your eLearning course. Structure the content sensibly and in such a way that each step builds on the last. Make sure that learners are guided systematically through the course step-by-step. This will make it easier for them to understand.


Step 5

Choose authoring tool

Now is the time to think about the right authoring tool for creating your online courses. You know which features you need to place your content in the best possible way. 


Step 6

Create online course

Now you can create your online course. Incorporate interactive elements such as flipcards, quizzes or assessments. Interaction with the content is one of the key features of a good and effective online course. 

Step 7

Conduct a review process

Check the online course you have created. Check your content for accuracy. Consider whether your didactic structure is logical and meets the learning objectives. Check spelling and grammar.

Step 8


Translate texts, graphics, and videos into the respective target language. Make sure that the translation also takes the cultural context into account to avoid misunderstandings.  Different cultures have different expectations, norms, and values. 


Step 99

Implementation and publication

Publish your eLearning course on your learning platform. Check again that everything has been uploaded and integrated correctly. You can publicize the course on various communication channels such as emails, the intranet, social media, and internal announcements.