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The challenge:
Creation and rollout of state-of-the-art, tailor-made compliance training for 150,000 employees in 10 different languages for a global company with the following requirements: Intelligent consideration of a range of positions, segmented distribution of knowledge based on various criteria with regard to learners, management of rights and roles, integrated translation management, option for collaborative working, simple integration of interactive elements and gamification approaches, etc.


The solution:
Introduction of the Knowledgeworker Create learning content management system.


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Use drag & drop to build state-of-the-art interactive online courses in minutes—it’s easy and no programming knowledge is required. Integrated task, review and translation management allows you to work collaboratively and accelerate your course creation.


eLearning AWARD

Rapid Authoring

The challenge:
As part of a rebranding and the introduction of a new corporate design, almost 40 existing multilingual eLearning modules had to be redesigned! In addition, design templates were required to shorten production times for new online courses and to expand the team of authors. And all that in just three months. 


The solution:
A supported switch from the Lectora tool to the Knowledgeworker Create learning content management system, with the simultaneous migration of existing eLearning modules.


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