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Common successes and awards

Award-winning customer projects

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HCM Exellence Award in the Categorie Custom Content

HCM Excellence Award 2023

Category: Custom Content

chemmedia was tasked with creating an automated online training course for over 400 managers and supervisory board members worldwide. The aim was to communicate guidelines for corporate governance and the company’s decision-making process centrally, taking into account its core value of integrity. Within seven months, chemmedia had created the “Management Module - Corporate Governance” for Mercedes-Benz Group AG—an automated, adaptive and target group-oriented integrity training course that currently comprises a total of 25 customized eLearning modules and adapts to prior experience, position and risks.

eLearning AWARD 2023 in the category onboarding with Fressnapf Tiernahrungs GmbH

eLearning AWARD 2023

Category: Onboarding

Well-trained and satisfied employees are the prerequisite for happy and enthusiastic customers. The first few months are crucial when it comes to binding new employees to the company and giving them motivation and joy in their daily work. Fressnapf Tiernahrungs GmbH has therefore launched an international onboarding project together with chemmedia AG to map the process digitally and efficiently. This reduced onboarding times in stores in 12 countries, while increasing employee and customer satisfaction.


Used software:
Saba (Cornerstone SBX), Knowledgeworker Create

LMS-Consulting, Content & Creation

eLearning AWARD 2023 in the category learning platform with jurCampus

eLearning AWARD 2023

Category: Learning platform

From specialist book publisher to provider of modern, digital continuing education. Together with a publishing group, chemmedia AG has created a learning platform for notary clerks that combines professional training, didactic expertise and modern technology. In record time, a multifaceted e-learning project was created that is continuously expanded and improved. In this way, the publishing house was able to reposition itself and lay the foundation for the digital future.


Used software:
Knowledgeworker Create, Knowledgeworker Share

Training, technical and didactical consulting, integration LMS

HCM Excellence Award 2021 in the category: Custom content

HCM Excellence Award 2021

Custom content

The challenge:
Creation and rollout of state-of-the-art, tailor-made compliance training for 150,000 employees in 10 different languages for a global company with the following requirements: Intelligent consideration of a range of positions, segmented distribution of knowledge based on various criteria with regard to learners, management of rights and roles, integrated translation management, option for collaborative working, simple integration of interactive elements and gamification approaches, etc.


The solution:
Introduction of the Knowledgeworker Create learning content management system.


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eLearning Award 2020 in the category rapid authoring

eLearning AWARD 2020

Rapid Authoring

The challenge:
As part of a rebranding and the introduction of a new corporate design, almost 40 existing multilingual eLearning modules had to be redesigned! In addition, design templates were required to shorten production times for new online courses and to expand the team of authors. And all that in just three months. 


The solution:
A supported switch from the Lectora tool to the Knowledgeworker Create learning content management system, with the simultaneous migration of existing eLearning modules.