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The Event for Knowledgeworker Users: Hear success stories, gain insights, share best practice

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Denise Kutter | Marketing & Design
Denise Kutter
Creative Marketing Management & Design
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What our participants say

Informative, professional, practical

“A big thumbs-up for the first Knowledgeworker Meetup: The lectures were very informative and I’ll be able to put the expert tips directly into practice. Keep it up!”

A deeper dive into other use cases

“I would definitely recommend the Knowledgeworker Meetups! Where else could you get such fascinating insights into the specifics of other companies’ eLearning processes?”

Great discussions

“It’s great to be able to talk directly with other eLearning managers in the different topic groups! You get to think outside the box and gain valuable input for your own projects.”


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Community E‑Learning
Community E‑Learning

Join the Knowledgeworker community

Benefit from the experience of other Knowledgeworker users. Meet eLearning experts and get plenty of tips.


Previous Meetup topics

What we’ve talked about in Meetups

Heel GmbH has been successfully combining eLearning content with face-to-face training for more than 10 years. What began with the digitalization of complex learning modules in Knowledgeworker Create has grown into an extensive eCatalog of more than 50 macro- and microlearning units in up to 10 languages. The company uses these to provide more than 1,500 employees worldwide with specialist medical training on its in-house natural remedies. It deploys an up-to-the-minute mix of tools and methods to deliver a varied, needs-based learning experience for all learners. Join Jana and Leon’s lecture, given in English, for helpful insights and practical tips.

Speakers: Jana Beerberg & Leon de’Lorenzo, Heel GmbH

Providing training to more than 6,000 people in more than 70 countries is a complex task. Learn how INNIO, an Austrian energy solutions provider, delivers interactive learning in house with Knowledgeworker Create’s rapid authoring techniques and smart knowledge management. Martin Knapp, Training Design & Development Leader at the INNIO Jenbacher Training Center, provides fascinating insights into the process of developing digital training. He covers rapid authoring functions, content management strategies, language management, and learning about authoring in Knowledgeworker Create.

Speakers: Martin Knapp, Innio Jenbacher GmbH & Co OG

We show you how best to ensure your learning processes take your learners’ needs into account and which Knowledgeworker tools and features will enable you to deploy an adaptive mix of methods.

Our experts present you with a selection of the best eLearning content and real-world use cases, explaining which features made the deployment a success.

Creating effective eLearning modules requires extensive background knowledge on education, methodology, and instruction design. We show you the approaches that the latest science considers are most conducive to learning.

This allows you to build special features into your online courses, such as additional HTML5 animations, virtual reality, and simulations.

Our in-house expert reveals tips and tricks to help you become an effective eLearning author. He discusses which features in Knowledgeworker Create can be used to put the latest content design trends into practice, looking at adaptive learning functions, guiding learners through interactive features, and the potential of learning through play, for example.

Discover the importance of gamification in eLearning, the benefits of integrating gamification into your eLearning strategy, and the Knowledgeworker tools that are there to help you. 

Learn how to give your online courses educational impact and discover the best way to use interactive features. 

The Knowledgeworker Cards flashcard app promotes learning through targeted repetition of short units. Find out how it works and look at specific use cases. And discover how artificial intelligence supports learning outcomes and how you can use learning analytics to evaluate them, creating a demand-driven, self-regulated, and durable product.

The digital coach for scenario-based learning (Knowledgeworker Coach) enables you to train learners to handle complex conversations and conflict situations, promote social skills, and enhance soft skills. Find out how to use intelligent dialogs to create realistic situations that can take a variety of courses, and prepare your employees for specific business situations. Help them conduct effective sales conversations, provide helpful advice, and even handle customer complaints. Practical examples show you how to provide them with helpful information, strengthen their assertiveness and develop their empathy to ensure they react appropriately.

Please contact our staff if you have any questions about scenario-based eLearning with Knowledgeworker Coach. Discuss how to apply it to your own scenarios, see the conversation editor in action, and learn more about current and future software developments.


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