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The quiz app for gamified eLearning

Communicate, consolidate, and test knowledge in a playful way

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Get to know the quiz app

Emotional. Engrossing. Motivational.

Bring a breath of fresh air to your training

The quiz app increases your employees’ motivation and willingness to learn, providing excitement, fun, and variety. The short learning time means your employees’ learning is particularly effective. It enables you to deliver new knowledge, and revise and consolidate existing knowledge, in a playful way. Curiosity, ambition, and competitiveness motivates individuals to rise to the challenge. Break down conventional learning formats and learning methods, bringing momentum and fun to professional development. The quiz app is easy to integrate into your existing training strategy. It is a wonderful complement to existing learning formats, such as online courses, video training, or coaching.


Easy to integrate. Appeals to the emotions. Playful approach.

The quiz app enables you to integrate training flexibly into your employees’ daily work routines and encourages self-directed learning anywhere, any time. This reduces the barriers to participation in learning. Make the most of natural human traits. Curiosity and ambition motivate individuals to learn. Quizzes also turn topics that would otherwise be dry into a game. The playful approach motivates learners and promotes independent learning. Quiz participants compete against each other or against a bot in competitions and duels.


Smart. Simple. International.

Outstanding learning outcomes, guaranteed


Easy to create

The Knowledgeworker Create authoring tool makes it easy to create your quiz questions and answer options. These are then transferred to your quiz app via an interface. Question sets and answers can be reused multiple times.

Desktop and app

Knowledgeworker Quiz works on all mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones, and can be accessed via a browser or an app. It is responsive and thus adapts layout and content automatically adapt to the device being used.

Individualized approach

You categorize your employees by department and assign the appropriate questions, creating a logical structure. Knowledgeworker Quiz takes this as a basis and automatically displays only the quiz categories that are relevant to each participant.

Corporate design

Design your quizzes in your corporate colors, thus strengthening the branding of your training and present yourselves as the knowledge experts. 

Direct feedback

Live feedback enables you to promote a positive learning experience, as quiz participants can evaluate their abilities at any time. 


Customize the user interface and quiz display , providing them in quizzers’ preferred language and enabling them to compete against each other worldwide.

Measuring and reporting outcomes

Make your quizzers’ personal successes immediately visible. Integrated reporting allows you to track all participants’ progress and achievement.


Take advantage of the human instinct for play, and use the competition and emotions generated by playful learning. They all increase learners’ motivation and their drive to beat the challenge and emerge victorious. You’ll be looking at demonstrably better learning outcomes.

Social learning

Integrating social learning enables you to add social interaction – a key component – to your existing eLearning. Knowledgeworker Quiz allows you to give learners the opportunity to compete against each other and interact with each other. And this naturally motivates them to learn!

Mobile learning

Make your training as flexible as possible. Whether your learners are using desktops, notebooks, tablets, or smartphones—Knowledgeworker Quiz runs on all devices. Your learners decide when they want to start the next challenge and identify the time that suits them the best.


The quiz app is flexible and allows you to adapt your training formats to your employees’ circumstances. New knowledge is made available in small, clear, and solution-focused units, and can be easily integrated into the daily routine. 

Advice and design

We will be happy to help you develop your skills with the quiz app, and integrate it into your existing eLearning strategy and your system landscape.

Content creation

We work with you to create quiz categories, questions, and answers directly in Knowledgeworker Create and import them into your quiz app.


Put translation in our expert hands and save valuable time. We are happy to internationalize all your material and will provide ready-to-use question sets.

Workshops, training sessions, webinars

We’ll get you in shape. We offer a range of sessions for authors and users, webinars, workshops, and face-to-face events for all types of eLearning. Ready for the future?


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I’m delighted you’re interested and I’m looking forward to getting to know you!

Gerrit Schüppel | E‑Learning Consultant
Gerrit Schüppel
Germany: + 49 371 49 370 153
Switzerland: +41 44 999 80 08
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Catapult your learning outcomes to the next level! Take advantage of the human play instinct with rewards and competition. Points systems allow learners to compare achievements and the competition they foster provides motivation while also illustrating individual learners’ progress.