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Learning platform for companies: Knowledgeworker Share

Fast. Streamlined. Easy to use.

Knowledgeworker Share learning platform
Knowledgeworker Share learning platform
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The uncomplicated learning platform

Discover Knowledgeworker Share: Your route to effective learning

Knowledgeworker Share is a streamlined, fast, and easy-to-use learning platform. All of its functions and features are specifically designed to ensure an optimal learning and evaluation process. It is the ideal solution for small and medium-sized companies that operate both nationally and internationally. It is also ideal for companies that want to offer focused or selective training programs.


What sets Knowledgeworker Share apart from other learning platforms

Minimal admin for the Knowledgeworker Share learning platform

Minimal admin

Low effort involved in the administration of the learning platform and for the rollout and evaluation of training courses due to the simplicity and streamlined design of the system.

Easy-to-use learning platform

Intuitive and simple solution

Simple and intuitive solution for your employees as the appearance of the learning platform is based on familiar social media concepts.

Low system support requirements for the learning platform

Low system support requirements

Less effort required for system support by focusing on the most crucial functionalities of a modern learning platform.


The Knowledgeworker Share learning platform at a glance

The benefits to you

  • Can be put into service in just a few days
  • Easy to understand and manageable for everyone
  • Low support requirements 
  • Mobile-compatible learning platform
  • GDPR compliant
  • Multilingualism
  • Clear and simple user administration
  • Smart role and rights management
  • Simple reporting and evaluation
  • Individual learner overview 
  • Certificates of completion 
  • Social interactions 
  • Integrated video conferencing 
  • SCORM-compatible 
  • Intelligent course assignment is easy to implement
  • Individual learning paths
Dagmar Mechelke-Rathnayake, OTEX Textilveredlung GmbH

Dagmar Mechelke-Rathnayake

Operations Manager, OTEX Textilveredlung GmbH

Logo Otex

The shortage of skilled workers in the textile industry increasingly means we have to recruit lateral entrants. We are particularly pleased with the way the textil trainer digital learning platform enables us to teach people the basic principles. The short units and specialist content allow our employees to direct their own learning about textiles, proceeding at their own pace and becoming more confident in discussions with more experienced colleagues.

Demo view for the Knowledgeworker Share learning platform

Learning platform for your employees’ further training

Smart. Flexible. International.

Roll out your online courses, video training, coaching, downloads, etc. wherever they are needed in the shortest possible time. Take into account departmental affiliations, knowledge levels, and job profiles. Your employees only get the knowledge that is actually relevant to them and can access it at any time. Monitor progress, measure growth and outcomes, and get a central overview of your employees’ skills and knowledge, enabling you to develop them further depending on your needs.


Your new learning platform

Ready when you are!

Visualization: Arrow flow
Learning path visualization on the Knowledgeworker Share learning platform

The personal path on the learning platform

Learning paths

Learning paths help your employees to learn in a structured and targeted manner. The predefined path through the learning material enables your employees to concentrate on the essentials and achieve their learning objectives efficiently. It provides clear direction and navigates the user through the learning process. With the personalization of learning paths, different learning styles and speeds can also be taken into account, resulting in a more effective and enjoyable learning experience.

Social interactions on the Knowledgeworker Share learning platform

Personal interaction on the learning platform

Social interaction

Integrating social learning enables you to add social interaction—a key component—to your existing eLearning materials. Knowledgeworker Share allows you to give learners the opportunity to compare notes and interact with each other. This increases learners’ motivation and improves learning outcomes.

Personal profile visualization on the Knowledgeworker Share learning platform

The personal profile on the learning platform

Learning paths

Every employee has their own personal profile. This means that everyone can see exactly what is important to them, which courses lie ahead, or which still need to be finished off. You can use role and rights management to define who is allowed to have what access to the system. In this way, those responsible receive meaningful reports, while you can keep track of the success of your training offerings, and can always prove the learning outcomes and success of your training measures. 


Knowledgeworker Share inspires

Happy customers

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Your contact

I’m delighted you’re interested and I’m looking forward to getting to know you!

Gerrit Schüppel | E‑Learning Consultant
Gerrit Schüppel
Germany: + 49 371 49 370 153
Switzerland: +41 44 999 80 08
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Learning platform features at a glance

Guarantees a unique learning experience

Illustration feature: Mobile-responsive platform

Mobile-enabled platform

Mobile learning, anywhere, any time. Whether they’re using their desktop, notebook, tablet, or smartphone, learners decide for themselves when and where to access content.

Illustration feature: Multilingualism


The Knowledgeworker Share interface is available in multiple languages and is therefore ideal for use in an international environment.

Illustration feature: Data security safety GDPR

GDPR compliant

The learning management system is provided as a cloud solution and hosted in an ISO27001-certified high-security data center in Germany.

Illustration feature: Course assignment

Course assignment

All online courses, downloads, news, surveys etc., can be assigned on the basis of your own specifications, such as target groups or course types. 

Illustration feature: Learning paths

Learning paths

Guide learners through the training process: Use learning paths to specify the order in which they should complete sessions.

Illustration feature: User accounts

User management

Enter all employees in the system and add individualized tags, such as which department they belong to. You can also import details automatically.

Illustration feature: Automatic course assignment

Automatic course assignment

Based on user and course criteria, you determine from the outset which content is relevant for which target group. This removes the need for manual enrollment processes, which can be prone to error.

Illustration feature: Roles and rights

Rights and roles

Trouble-free mapping of the rights and roles of all administrators and organizers. You can design roles for course administrators or personnel administrators, for example.

Illustration feature: Analytics quality management

Quality management

Integrated surveys and informative evaluations enable you to get direct feedback from your learners and thus support the further development of your learning product, ensuring you maintain its quality.

Illustration feature: Reports and analytics

Reporting and evaluation

The reporting function allows you to track the success of your training and demonstrate learning outcomes and achievement. 

Illustration feature: User dashboard

Individual learner overview

Learners can see at a glance which courses they have already completed, which they still need to complete, and which are still pending. 

Illustration feature: Success certificate signature

Certificates of completion

When learners successfully complete an online course, they are automatically issued with a certificate to download.

Illustration feature: Social network interaction

Social interaction

Learners can compare notes with each other directly on the learning platform. As well as comments, the system supports audio files, videos, image galleries, and zip files.

Illustration feature: Video conferencing

Video conferencing

BigBlueButton™ and Jitsi™ are integrated directly into the online platform. You can also integrate your own links to other video conferences to make them easier to access.

Illustration feature: Compatibility SCORM standard

SCORM compliant

The Knowledgeworker Share learning management system supports the SCORM eLearning standard.

Cheerful woman on a tablet visualizes mobile learning

Mobile learning

Mobile learning, anywhere, any time. Whether they’re using their desktop, notebook, tablet, or smartphone, let your learners choose when and where to access content. The online learning platform is responsive and flexible and can adapt to any device.

Concentrated man at laptop visualizes adaptive learning

Adaptive learning

Make your training relevant, promote self-directed learning, and facilitate individualized learning environments. Adaptive learning enables you to continuously adapt your eLearning products to the situation in question, based on user data and behavior (keyword: learning analytics). 

Man at laptop visualizes microlearning


Support informal learning and create flexible training formats that adapt to learners’ circumstances. When new knowledge is made available in small, clear, and solution-oriented units, learners can integrate training at any point in their everyday lives,  whenever they need it—in the office or working from home.

Cheerful woman on smartphone visualizes social learning

Social learning

Integrating social learning enables you to add social interaction—a key component—to your existing eLearning materials. Knowledgeworker Share allows you to give learners the opportunity to compare notes and interact with each other. This increases learners’ motivation and improves learning outcomes.

Delighted man visualizes gamification in eLearning


Increase your learners’ motivation by integrating gamified learning! Simply roll it out as a SCORM package to specific target groups via the learning management system and track learning outcomes. It’s also easy to integrate gamification apps such as Knowledgeworker Coach and Cards. 

Happy business team

Strategic consulting

We work with you to develop a future-proof, cost-effective training strategy that fits your corporate objectives and specific requirements, fills skill gaps and boost your profits in the long term. 

Woman designing something


After analyzing and evaluating your requirements, we create a concept for you that successfully implements your eLearning strategy, taking into account your structures, existing IT applications, and other criteria.

Working man on the phone

Project management

We establish a project team, lay down competences and responsibilities, undertake resource planning, and take care of communication and workflow monitoring until the goal is achieved. 

Team meeting


We take care of all the organizational aspects of your training process, from participant management to trainer management to session organization to content delivery and rollout.

Man analyzes documents and data


We monitor all eTraining we roll out against a variety of success factors, such as completion rate and time spent on learning, and deal with all monitoring processes, including reminders.

Woman at a desk

Quality control and success monitoring

We monitor and optimize all processes and evaluate outcomes over the entire process, and thus ensure the quality of your training. We also report on all learning objectives achieved.   

Man with headset and cup in front of computer

Workshops, training sessions, webinars

We offer a wide range of eLearning training courses. We offer training for trainers, learners, and administrators, and strategy workshops. 



Banner learning platform Textil Trainer
Banner learning platform Textil Trainer
Logo textil trainer

Discover our learning platform

Log in. Try it out. Get a feel for it.

textil trainer is a joint project by Chemnitz University of Technology and chemmedia AG aiming to strengthen the textile industry through the use of Knowledgeworker Share; it is a shining example of the digitalization of knowledge in the industrial sector.