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Easily implement digital compliance training

It’s that simple with the Knowledgeworker Share learning platform

An example of digitalizing compliance training with Knowledgeworker Share next to a friendly woman in a sweater smiling at the camera
An example of digitalizing compliance training with Knowledgeworker Share next to a friendly woman in a sweater smiling at the camera

Digital compliance training

Prevention is better than cure

Digital compliance training improves learning outcomes, provides significant cost savings, and additional flexibility.Plus, you offer your employees a safe environment in which to explore risk-associated issues and train them on how to conduct themselves. 


Take advantage of

  • Easy-to-use learning platform Knowledgeworker Share
  • Time- and location-independent learning
  • Learning for unlimited participants
  • Major cost savings
  • Efficient use of working time
  • Low employee downtimes
  • Customized learning
  • Standardized quality
  • Learning outcome verification with realistic exercise scenarios
  • Auditability

Say goodbye to

  • Complicated training plans
  • High opportunity costs
  • Boring training courses that are not tailored to your company
  • Long periods away from work
  • Paying for rent, travel, meals
  • Rigid programs
  • Scalability issues
  • Variability of training quality

What you need for digital compliance trainings

Online courses on compliance topics

To digitize your compliance training, you naturally need online courses or video training. There are three options available to you here:

  1. You simply purchase standard online courses or training sessions.
  2. You create online courses yourself using an authoring tool.
  3. You have the online courses created by an expert.

Learning Platform

For rollout and evaluation, you need a learning platform, a so-called learning management system.Choose one that is easy to use and requires little administrative effort from you. We recommend Knowledgeworker Share. 




Attractive price models

Our bundles


  • Knowledgeworker Share learning management system
  • Purchased standard online course (e.g. occupational safety and health)



from EUR 5,399/year

(LMS for 100 users incl. 100 course licenses for one online course)


  • Knowledgeworker Share learning management system
  • Knowledgeworker Create authoring tool with integrated AI for creating an unlimited amount of your own individual online courses


EUR 4,999/year

(LMS for 100 users incl. one Knowledgeworker Create license)


  • Knowledgeworker Share learning management system
  • Have your custom online courses created by experts



On request

(Price depends on the scope of your training materials)


Your path to digital compliance training

How to make the transition

An infographic describes the nine steps to digital compliance training

Step 1

Using Knowledgeworker Share as a learning management system

Step 2

We will provide you with the system

Step 3

Book a workshop to familiarize yourself with the system and clarify your requirements in detail

Step 4

Customize the system to your needs and wishes or have it customized

Step 5

Import employee data or have it imported

Step 6

Buy compliance training courses, create them yourself, or have them created

Step 7

Carry out a testing round

Step 8

Rolling out compliance training

Step 9

Carrying out a performance review


Your learning platform Knowledgeworker Share

The uncomplicated Learning Management System

Knowledgeworker Share as a learning platform for digital compliance training

Knowledgeworker Share is a lean, fast and easy-to-use learning management system. It is the specialist among learning management systems and focuses on the optimal learning and evaluation process in all its functions and features. 

  • Quick implementation in just a few days
  • Easy to understand and manageable for everyone
  • Little effort required for support 
  • DSGVO-compliant
  • Comprehensible and simple user administration
  • Clever role and rights management and much more.
Gerrit Schüppel | E‑Learning Consultant

Free of charge for you

Test system, live demo, consulting

Book a non-binding and free consultation or a free live demo or test the system for 4 weeks free of charge.

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Case Study

Banner visualization of a Case study on the digitalisation of compliance training in medium-sized companies
Banner visualization of a case study on the digitalisation of compliance training in medium-sized companies

Digitalization of compliance training

How an IT service provider digitized its compliance training in 2 months and reduced its costs by EUR 80,000

Find out:

  • how an IT company found the right software solution and which criteria were decisive
  • how the conversion and implementation took place in the company
  • how the employees were prepared for the changeover
  • what costs could actually be saved


We will have the system ready for you within a few days. Depending on the customization requirements, it takes between seven days and around four weeks.

We ensure data protection in compliance with EU directives. Hosting can be in the cloud or on premise if required.

Knowledgeworker Share is suitable for beginners. It is especially suited to the requirements of nationally and internationally active small and medium-sized companies, as well as for focused, selective learning processes such as compliance training. Knowledgeworker Share is lean, fast, and simple, making it an intuitive solution. Visually, it is based on familiar social media concepts. 

Due to the lean design of Knowledgeworker Share, the amount of time you will need to spend on system support is very low.

No, the system’s streamlined design also works brilliantly here.

Billing is based on the number of active users. The price depends on how many employees are active on the learning platform. Factor in a cost of between EUR 10 and EUR 35 per user per year. You can ask for exact prices at any time. 

Yes. As a full-service eLearning provider, we can take care of every process for you. You decide what you want to do internally and what you would prefer to outsource.