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Features and functions at a glance

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Mobile-enabled platform

Mobile learning, anywhere, any time. Whether they’re using their desktop, notebook, tablet, or smartphone, learners decide for themselves when and where to access content.


The Knowledgeworker Share interface is available in multiple languages and is therefore ideal for use in an international environment.

GDPR compliant

The learning management system is provided as a cloud solution and hosted in an ISO27001-certified high-security data center in Germany.

Course assignment

All online courses, downloads, news, surveys etc., can be delivered according to categories defined by you, such as target groups or course types. 

Learning paths

Guide learners through the training process: Use learning paths to specify the order in which they should complete sessions.

User management

Enter all employees in the system and add individualized tags, such as which department they belong to. You can also import details automatically.

Automatic course assignment

Based on user and course criteria, you determine from the outset which content is relevant for which target group. This removes the need for manual enrollment processes, which can be prone to error.

Rights and roles

Trouble-free mapping of the rights and roles of all administrators and organizers. You can design roles for course administrators or personnel administrators, for example.

Quality management

Integrated surveys and informative evaluations enable you to get direct feedback from your learners and thus support the further development of your learning product, ensuring you maintain its quality.

Reporting and evaluation

The reporting function allows you to track the success of your training and demonstrate learning outcomes and achievement. 

Individual learner overview

Learners can see at a glance which courses they have already completed, which they still need to complete, and which are still pending. 

Certificates of completion

When learners successfully complete an online course, they are automatically issued with a certificate to download.

Social interaction

Learners can compare notes with each other directly on the learning platform. As well as comments, the system supports audio files, videos, image galleries, and zip files.

Video conferencing

BigBlueButton™ and Jitsi™ are integrated directly into the online platform. You can also integrate your own links to other video conferences to make them easier to access.

SCORM compatible

The Knowledgeworker Share learning management system supports the SCORM eLearning standard.

Administrator notifications

You can be notified automatically, for example, of new user registrations, enrollments for content, course completions, or expiry of deadlines. 

Learner notifications

Send your learners automated emails about new content. That way, you ensure that learners can’t miss anything and are always up to date.


Make important documents available centrally on your learning platform. Learners are notified immediately and can locate documents centrally where they are learning. 


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Banner Knowledgeworker Share Learning Management System
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Knowledgeworker Share

Guarantees a unique learning experience

Save valuable resources, minimize the demands on your time, and optimize learning outcomes. Manage everything centrally on the online learning platform: Employees, training sessions, documents, video conferences, graduation certificates, learning outcomes, and reports.


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