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White paper: Adaptive learning

Boosting eLearning with individualization

Adaptive Learning White Paper
Adaptive Learning White Paper

Whitepaper: Adaptive Learning

Individualization as a booster for eLearning success

Everywhere we look, we are experiencing the megatrend of individualization in everyday life, with products and services that adapt to our needs and online advertising that is geared to our individual preferences. Similarly, it is possible to individualize digital learning. Adaptive learning refers to the differentiation of teaching, i.e., the different design of teaching based on the needs of individual learners. This approach contributes significantly to the success of learning, as each person acquires knowledge in a different way and at their own pace. Learn how adaptive learning works and how it can be implemented in the white paper.

Contents at a glance

Adaptive Learning

  • What is adaptive learning?
  • What are indicators of adaptive learning?
  • Advantages of adaptive learning
  • 6 ways to use adaptive learning in your online courses
  • Features for adaptive learning
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Adaptive learning - how it works

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