Why you should realize your content in Knowledgeworker Create?

To create modern content quickly and professionally.

With the Responsive Content Editor integrated in Knowledgeworker Create you can easily create digital learning and marketing content according to the principle of rapid authoring. With the intuitive editor, which you simply call up via your web browser, you can create professional content in the shortest possible time. With the help of dynamic modules, you can put together your content quickly and easily using drag & drop. Combine background images, media, and text blocks with interactions and questions. Flexible templates and templates help you create relevant e-training in sensibly structured layouts. Even inexperienced authors can create consistent and lively content in a short time.
  • Get started right away

    Start creating content straight away without previous installation, and swiftly create professional results.

  • Work flexibly

    Create, edit and check content on an individual basis or in a team any time and anywhere. With Knowledgeworker Create, you work on the web with no complications.

  • Coordinate

    Guarantee quality of content, transparency and efficient collaboration using high-performance task and review management.

  • Create learning experiences

    Use interactive function elements and various types of questions to create varied training courses that take learners on a journey of discovery and that stay in their memories.

  • Standardise

    Create recognition value for employees with layout and design templates in your corporate design. You can also use individual themes to portray the same content with different looks for specific target groups.

  • Ensure compatibility

    Develop usable content by using modern content formats and responsive designs that function on all terminal devices and in all browsers and learning management systems.

Insights into content creation with Knowledgeworker Create


Visual design via drag and drop

Simply more freedom

As an author, the responsive editor shows you the final learner view in your individual corporate design already during editing. Whether you work as a single author or in a team - Knowledgeworker Create is your learning content management system for rapid authoring. Work from anywhere and platform independent - no matter if Mac, Windows or Linux. As an author you work without browser plugins and design your content based on modern web technologies (HTML5). All you need is a current Internet browser and your software login.

Professional design made easy

Effectively utilise visuals and text

Using Knowledgeworker, you don't have to be a graphic designer to put your content in perspective. Images work across the board and become the perfect visual accompaniment to your content. Many selectable media effects help you diversify your content and engage learners with the material.

All devices, all browsers, all operating systems

Modern technology for highest compatibility

Based on HTML5, you design lively learning content and dynamic information pages in an interactive website style that looks good on all devices. Whether smartphone, tablet, or desktop PC, your responsive content adapts to any screen size without any additional creation effort. Enable your users to have a flexible learning experience that's fun to use.

Finally time for the essentials!

Consistent layout

Keep your digital training consistent and brand compliant. Using central format templates, you automatically ensure that your content is always presented consistently and in your company's corporate design. Depending on the target groups, you can also store different designs in themes that change live as needed.

Professional trainings automatically

Navigation and meta functions

With Knowledgeworker Create, you can automatically add functionality to your training or marketing content on demand.
Save time and add value to users by significantly improving the usability of your content.

Achieve more together

Task and review management

Creating effective training and knowledge content is a team effort. Connect training managers, departments, your external or internal graphic designers, e-learning developers and translation service providers. Globally distributed teams in particular benefit from distributing tasks directly in the system, correcting or reviewing content (review) - with integrated task management, you have everything in view at all times.

Increase involvement, test knowledge

Assessment and quiz functions

Knowledgeworker Create supports a variety of different question types that enable you to create varied knowledge tests or integrate them into your learning content. Once created, questions are collected in a question database and can be reused and combined into new tests at any time. It is possible to define which questions are mandatory for each test. If desired, questions can be shuffled using the shuffle function and questions can be selected randomly from a defined question pool. This gives each learner an individual test. Not only questions but all elements of a course can be included in the score that must be achieved to successfully complete a course.