Why should you realise your content in Knowledgeworker Create?

So you can create modern content quickly and professionally.

With the Responsive Content Editor, which is integrated into Knowledgeworker Create, you can very easily create digital learning and marketing content according to the rapid authoring principle. The editor is intuitive to use. Simply call it up with your web browser to create professional content in a very short amount of time.Dynamic modules help you put your content together quickly and easily using drag and drop. Combine background images, media and text blocks with interactive elements and questions. Flexible templates help you to create relevant e-training programmes with structured layouts that make sense. Even inexperienced authors can create consistent and vivid content in no time.
  • Sofort loslegen

    Beginnen Sie direkt mit der Erstellung von Contents ohne vorherige Installation und erzielen Sie professionelle Ergebnisse in kürzester Zeit.

  • Flexibel Arbeiten

    Erstellen, bearbeiten und überprüfen Sie Inhalte einzeln oder im Team jederzeit und ortsunabhängig. Mit Knowledgeworker Create arbeiten Sie unkompliziert im Web.

  • Koordinieren

    Stellen Sie inhaltliche Qualität, Transparenz und effiziente Zusammenarbeit durch ein leistungsstarkes Aufgaben- und Reviewmanagement sicher.

  • Lernerlebnisse schaffen

    Verwenden Sie interaktive Funktionselemente sowie vielfältige Fragetypen, um abwechslungsreiche Trainings zu erstellen, die zum Entdecken einladen und im Gedächtnis bleiben.

  • Standardisieren

    Schaffen Sie einen Wiedererkennungswert für Mitarbeiter mit Layout- und Designvorlagen in Ihrem Corporate Design. Zusätzlich können Sie mit indivdiuellen Themes gleiche Inhalte mit verschiedener Optik zielgruppenspezifisch darstellen.

  • Kompatibilität sicherstellen

    Entwickeln Sie gebrauchsfähige Inhalte durch moderne Inhaltsformate und responsive Designs, die auf allen Endgeräten und in allen Browsern und Learning Management Systemen funktionieren.

Insights into content creation using Knowledgeworker Create


Visual creation via drag and drop

Simply more freedom

The responsive editor shows you, the author, the final learner view in your custom corporate design as you edit. Whether you are working as an individual author or in a team, Knowledgeworker Create is your learning content management system for rapid authoring.Work from anywhere on any Mac, Windows or Linux platform. As the author, you can carry out your work without browser plugins and design your content using modern web technologies (HTML5). All you need are a current Internet browser and your software login details.

Professional design with little effort

Use graphics and text effectively

With Knowledgeworker, you don’t need to be a graphic designer to show your content in the right light. Images are full-width, making them the perfect visual accompaniment for your content. You can select many media effects to help you vary your content and make learners excited about it.

All devices, browsers and operating systems

Modern technology for optimum compatibility

On the basis of HTML5, you can create vivid learning content and dynamic information pages in an interactive website style that looks good on all devices. Your responsive content adapts to all screen sizes, from smartphones and tablets to desktop PCs, without additional production effort. Make it possible for your learners to participate in flexible learning that is fun.

Finally time for the essentials!

Consistent layout

Make sure your digital training programmes are consistent and brand-compliant. Centralised style templates ensure your content is always automatically displayed consistently and in line with the corporate design of your company. Depending on your target groups, you can also store different designs in themes that change live as needed.

Professional training programmes – automatically

Navigation and metafunctions

With Knowledgeworker Create, you can automatically expand your training or marketing content by adding functions as you like.
Save time and offer users additional added value by considerably improving the usability of your content.

Achieve more together.

Task and review management

It takes a team to create effective training and knowledge content.Connect the people responsible for continuing education, specialist departments, your external or internal graphic designers, e-learning developers and translation service providers. Globally dispersed teams can especially benefit from sharing their tasks and correcting and reviewing their content directly in the system – the integrated task management feature gives you an overview of everything you need.

Increase involvement and verify knowledge

Assessment and quiz function

Knowledgeworker Create supports a large number of different types of question, which allows you to create diverse knowledge tests or integrate them into your learning content. Once you have created questions, they are collected in a question database and can be reused and combined to create new tests at any time. And you can stipulate which questions are mandatory for every test.If needed, you can mix questions using the shuffle function, and questions can be selected at random from a defined question pool. Every learner receives an individual test as a result. Not only questions but all elements of a course can be incorporated into the score that learners must reach to successfully complete a course.