How is content internationalised in Knowledgeworker Create?

Quickly and easily.

Knowledgeworker Create helps you with all translations with an integrated language management system. Create your content once and then translate it into additional languages without losing track of everything. For quality assurance, you can view the status of individual translations at any time at a glance.That way, you can inform users around the world using only one multilingual set of content.
  • 1 set of content in up to 35 languages

    Since media, texts and layouts are available separately in a main database, you can store several languages and fonts (including Asian ones and fonts with right-to-left direction) in parallel in a single course.

  • Local characteristics

    Use the country-specific adjustments of content that should be made available only in certain countries or languages. You can also clearly label your media in multiple languages using the label editor.

  • Export language packages

    You can facilitate collaboration with external service providers by simply exporting the texts to be translated from your content as XML packages.

  • Import translations

    Insert internationalised texts using XML import. The intelligent database in Knowledgeworker Create automatically pieces together the proper text sections with the associated media.

  • Recognise need for action

    Check the quality and completion of your translations with the integrated translation report and the internationalisation overview with just one quick look.

Insights into internationalising content with Knowledgeworker Create

Mehrsprachenfunktion für Ihre Inhalte

One set of content. Many languages.

Multilingual content

With Knowledgeworker Create, you manage content you want to translate into different languages with minimal effort.Because layouts, media and tests are stored separately, different language versions can be linked to one and the same knowledge module or course. Thus, you always work on only one set of content that has several languages and writing systems in tow.This spares you the complicated process of managing several copies of content for individual languages. At the same time, content updates and the accompanying translations are structured in a more sustainable manner.

Work together efficiently with external service providers.

Export and import xml language packages

In Knowledgeworker Create, you can export texts from finalised content modules as XML files with just a few clicks, which will make them ready for translation.External service providers thus obtain a pre-structured document into which they can efficiently insert translations without any complications. In this manner, after the XML language package is subsequently re-imported into Knowledgeworker Create, the translated texts are automatically displayed at the intended location in the content.You can link as many language packages to a content module as you like so that translation, final export to the desired target format and rollout for multilingual courses function quickly and smoothly.
Mehrsprachenimport durch XML-Datenpakete
Controlle mittels Übersetzungsmanagement

An overview of your translations.

Translation management and monitoring

Assure the quality of the content you have translated and realise when action needs to be taken with the help of Knowledgeworker Create. The integrated internationalisation overview shows you the languages in which your courses and content modules are available at a glance. In the translation report, you can also track the translation status for individual content elements. That way, you will not overlook any missing text modules, even after content is updated.