How does the provision of content work in Knowledgeworker Create?

With just a few clicks

In Knowledgeworker Create, your content and courses are available to you for download in various formats. You can easily export them without complications for classic print or digital publications, as responsive web content or in formats for e-learning applications, such as learning management systems (LMS).That way, you use the ideal content format on each of your communication channels.
  • Flexibel exportieren

    Entscheiden Sie sich, wie Sie ihre fertigen Inhalte bzw. Kurse downloaden möchten: als PDF, HTML-Webfile, HTML-SCORM- oder xAPI (TinCan)-Pakete.

  • Sicher veröffentlichen

    Nutzen Sie unsere passwortgeschützte Webumgebung zur Veröffentlichung Ihrer Inhalte oder stellen Sie diese in einem LMS bereit. So behalten Sie dir Zugriffskontrolle.

  • Mobilfähig bereitstellen

    Von der Erstellung bis zum Endergebnis arbeiten Sie in Knowledgeworker Create responsiv. So erhalten Sie Kurse, die zu jeder Zeit, an jedem Ort und auf jedem Display ansehnlich dargestellt werden können.

  • Erfolge messen

    Die Inhaltsformate HTML-SCORM und xAPI (TinCan) ermöglichen eine Fortschrittsmessung, welche besonders in E-Learning-Szenarien Anwendung findet. Damit können Sie zum Beispiel nachvollziehen, ob ein Lerner den kompletten Kurs gesehen und abgeschlossen hat.

Methods of supplying content with Knowledgeworker Create

Knowledgeworker auf allen Endgeräten funktionell

Anywhere and any time

On all devices

Be where your target group is with your digital content. Knowledgeworker Create helps you do so with responsive content for modern training. With courses that depend neither on location nor on time, and that function on all smartphones, tablets and classic desktop PCs in web-based format, you give learners considerable flexibility during their autonomous learning. By doing so, you improve motivation, user acceptance and learning success.

Cloud-based or on your own server.

Secure on the web

Knowledgeworker Create lets you download content as HTML web packages that you can store on your own server and thus incorporate into the desired network. You also have the option of publishing your content in our cloud with password protection directly from within Knowledgeworker Create. If you choose this option, your courses will be located on a secure server in Germany. Simply share your content using a link and invite your target group to use it.
Sicherheit im Web
Lernerfolge messen

Learning formats for learning management systems

Measuring learning success made easy

Create modern, measurable e-training programmes in Knowledgeworker Create. You can then export them in the formats SCORM HTML 1.2 or 2004 and xAPI (Tin Can), which can store and communicate user-based information. können. 

These formats are thus ideally suited for publishing in learning management systems, such as our Knowledgeworker Share. You can distribute your courses to your target groups and evaluate their learning progress there.