Share knowledge with individual target groups.

Communicate valuable knowledge measurably in Knowledgeworker Share. With the user-friendly platform you ensure a sustainable learning and communication experience for employees, partners or customers.

Advantages of Knowledgeworker Share

Knowledgeworker Share is a clearly arranged online learning management system you can use to distribute knowledge to specific target groups. The platform helps you master the challenges posed by learning management, your teaching obligations or your operational communication quickly and professionally. It’s easy.
  • Mobile platform

    Reach your target group on a user-specific basis all the time and anywhere, on all devices on the web or as an app with Knowledgeworker Share.

  • Custom communication

    Create effective learning experiences. With flexible matching processes, you can combine your design, user categories and content as needed.

  • User-friendly interface

    As a web-based communication channel that takes the form of a social media platform, Knowledgeworker Share is simple and intuitive to use.

  • Needs-appropriate management

    Make your organisation easier. Knowledgeworker Share supports your processes with individual user roles and integrated rights management.

  • Environment supports learning

    Effectively unite modern e-learning formats such as social learning, blended learning and gamification approaches in the interactive learning management system.

  • Scalable system

    Communicate centrally, flexibly and measurable in the adaptable Knowledgeworker Share and evaluate your success using reports.

Distribute content to specific target groups

Share e-training programmes and multimedia content with your target groups quickly and easily in Knowledgeworker Share.

Exchange knowledge interactively

Facilitate the interactive exchange of knowledge with the social communication features in Knowledgeworker Share.

Measure and evaluate learning progress

Guarantee successful learning progress using learner analytics in Knowledgeworker Share.

Your functions in Knowledgeworker Share

Knowledgeworker Share can be used on all current browsers on the desktop and on all mobile devices. For use on smartphones and tablets, Knowledgeworker Share is also available as a mobile app in the Google Play Store and in the Apple App Store.

Would you like to find out more about the functions in Knowledgeworker Share?

We will send you detailed information on all the functions in Knowledgeworker Share.

Areas of use for Knowledgeworker Share

It is ideally suited for use as an LMS, for employee instruction and for onboarding and compliance.


Well looked after with the Knowledgeworker Share services

As Knowledgeworker Suite developers, we look back on over 20 years of experience in the field of e-learning software. Trust in our long history of expertise focussed on solutions for global knowledge transfer and contact us for an individual consultation.