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Digital data protection training courses:

How to successfully implement the GDPR within the company.


Data protection in the company starts and ends with your employees, because you can only act in accordance with the law if you know what’s allowed. Data protection is not just a legal obligation, it’s also an indicator of quality. Consistent data protection does justice to the trust placed in you by your customers, employees, and business partners. Regular data protection training ensures that your employees know the rules and thoroughly understand their obligations regarding the handling of personal data. This allows you not only to prevent your employees from making errors, it also – crucially – prevents your company from undertaking unauthorized data processing or handling sensitive data incorrectly.


Is data protection training mandatory?

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) states that data protection is mandatory for all employees who work with personal data. This starts with business email addresses. Managers are also accountable. They are responsible for compliance with data protection and must provide evidence of compliance. This is barely feasible without regular data protection training for employees.

Data protection training is therefore an essential component of companies’ regular compliance training. As a manager, you can prove at any time that you are fulfilling your responsibility and regularly informing your employees about data protection.


Face-to-face training is expensive and impractical

Providing data protection training in the form of face-to-dace sessions usually involves high costs and a lot of effort. You would need to have your employees or the trainer travel to the site, and once you exceed a certain number of employees you would need to carry out several data protection training courses one after the other. You would also need to create training materials and pay the trainers. If you want to ensure that your employees are up to date, you would need to repeat the procedure at least once a year. This could even be twice a year in data-driven companies.


Digital data protection training is the future

Digital data protection training is a time-effective and cost-effective way of teaching your employees how to handle data. You incur no costs for administration, trainers, travel or prolonged downtime. A single online course can also be made available to any number of employees without the need to think about time or room capacities. You can easily fulfill your accountability requirements, since you can prove that you have trained your employees in a audit-proof manner.

The eLearning data protection module allows your employees to undertake data protection training whenever and wherever they like. The practical examples and interactive elements of the course help increase awareness of how to ensure data protection compliance. The subsequent questions test and consolidate the acquired knowledge. Participants are awarded a certificate at the end of the course and you can be sure that you are meeting your obligations to train your employees.


Checked. Secure. Digital.

Data Protection online course

Preview Online Course Data Protection

Course content at a glance:

  • Introduction with examples from everyday work situations
  • Personal data
  • Legal basis
  • Processing personal data: the principles
  • Data protection breaches

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We deploy the latest educational models, bringing together the best eLearning formats and methods, as well as the optimal tools to help you achieve your specific goals. We streamline processes, shorten course creation times, and ensure optimal rollout. You benefit from a tailor-made eLearning strategy, which delivers guaranteed results.

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We take care of all the strategic and organizational aspects of your training, from participant management, trainer management, session organization and provision of content to rollout and monitoring. We check and optimize all processes throughout.

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We deliver strategy workshops and webinars on relevant eLearning topics. We offer webinars on eLearning basics, the latest trends, and a variety of tools and solutions. Our portfolio includes a range of courses for authors and users. We’ll get you in shape and keep you updated. 



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