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A central search function is now available within the Knowledgeworker Create authoring tool that searches through all content in your database: whether courses, knowledge modules, learning objectives, media, questions, tests, or glossary entries. With one click, you can easily search for content across all areas.

In addition, you can use the integrated filter function to determine which content categories should be searched, e.g. only certain question types, tests or knowledge modules.

With the new convenient global search function, you can search your content faster, easier, and more intelligently. Thanks to centrality and globality, you shorten your content creation and review process. Collaboration becomes play and search becomes find. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


No more long searches

The innovations at a glance

Icon global central

centralized & globalized

One central search function for all content: courses, sharable content objects, learning objectives, media, questions, tests and glossary entries.

Icon filter


Use the integrated filter to limit your search to the areas you’re interested in (e.g. particular question types or sharable content objects).

Icon Performance

higher-performing & more reliable

This update makes searches faster, more flexible, more reliable, and more application-focused, enabling you to interrogate your data reliably, with confidence, and in real time. 

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