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White paper: How to create the perfect online course

Key success factors and expert tips

preview white paper: The secret of the perfect online course
preview whitepaper: The secret of the perfect online course

Whitepaper: How to achieve maximum (learning) successes

Minimize costs and time investment by up to 30%

With the knowledge of the 4 most important factors influencing the success of your online courses, you are guaranteed to create unique continuing education offerings, achieve maximum learning success and increase the efficiency of your continuing education. You will increase the motivation to learn, the level of training and the productivity of your employees and at the same time minimize the costs and the time investment for the training. We reveal which learner-specific, motivational, emotional and cognitive factors you should consider when creating your online courses. In addition, we give you 7 practical tips so that you, too, can immediately implement what you have just learned.

Contents at a glance

4 factors that significantly influence the learning process

  • learner-individual factors 
  • motivational factors
  • emotional factors
  • cognitive factors 
  • 7 concrete tips for designing successful online courses
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The secret to the perfect online course

Show the others how efficient e-learning works and you can look forward to the highest learning successes with time savings.

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