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Nowadays, data and information form the basis of every business. The security of this data is the foundation of your business success! Lost or manipulated data is harmful and reduces trust in your company, no matter how good your products or services are. Every employee should therefore be aware of how to handle data, especially sensitive data, and should always be aware that these require special protection. They should be reminded regularly of this, because as everyone knows, knowledge that hasn’t been used for a while quickly fades into the background. Make sure that this important topic is always at the forefront of your employees’ minds.

A digital online course gives your employees the opportunity to refresh their knowledge on data security at any time and practice how to handle it correctly. Participants can explore the topic at their own pace without having to attend face-to-face events on particular dates at specific locations. You incur no extra costs for speakers, rooms or meals. In addition, once created or purchased, content can easily be rolled out every year in order to refresh your employee’s knowledge. Simple, audit-proof and efficient.


This is what your data security training could look like in the future

Checked. Digital. Simple.


The course familiarizes your employees with potential risks and dangers. Practical rules help them with their day-to-day work and ensure they take a responsible approach.

Course content at a glance:

  • Introduction to data security, 
  • Building security,
  • The design of the workplace,
  • Dealing with strangers,
  • IT security measures,
  • Contaminants,
  • Preventing data loss, 
  • Secure passwords and secure communication,
  • Working safely when out and about.


We will be happy to adapt the online course to your specific requirements or to supplement it with other content that is relevant to you.


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Data security

Data protection vs. data security

What’s the difference between data protection and data security? Data protection and the GDPR are fundamentally concerned with the protection of personal data. It’s therefore all about the conditions under which personal data may be collected, processed or used. Data security is concerned with the general protection of data, whether it’s personal data or not. This means the general protection of data of any kind against threats, manipulation, and unauthorized access or perusal. Data protection and data security are closely linked. 


What role do your employees play?

It could be said that data security measures are physical in nature and mainly involve technical interventions. But this is just one aspect of data security. Organizational and personnel-related interventions also play a very important role. Think of IT Security Officers or Data Protection Officers whose day-to-day job it is to identify potential gaps in security, develop new interventions and provide information about them. And it is at the latest at this point when all employees have to get involved, keeping up-to-date, knowing where dangers may lurk and exactly what they need to watch out for. It is therefore essential to regularly train every employee in your business on the topic of data security and to raise everyone’s awareness of the topic.


Guaranteeing data security in the context of home working

The appeal of working from home is increasing. It is now standard practice for employees to take advantage of the opportunity to work from home. Whether this entails working from home full time or is part of a hybrid model, the new world of work brings new challenges in terms of data security. Sensitive data and information such as customer data or company information must be just as secure in the mobile workplace as they are in the office. This is the responsibility not only of your employees, but also of your company. Give your employees targeted training on how to ensure data is 100% secure when they are working from home. Not every employee will be aware from the outset of the vulnerabilities that can arise when working from home, and remote working may not actually take place from home. Educate your employees, point out the vulnerabilities and risks, and train them how to handle data correctly in this context.


Successfully training employees in data security

A well-thought-out data security concept is a key part of a successful data security strategy. With well-designed, regular training courses, you can turn your employees into professionals when it comes to data security. Please note the following points:

Data security icon

Communicate the security guidelines to your employees when they start at the company. Don’t waste any time when it comes to the security of valuable data.

Memory icon

Repeat the training periodically. Repeatedly remind your employees of the subject. This helps to prevent errors that can lead to security gaps.

Data security communication icon

Integrate service providers or freelancers who work with your data into your security concept. Give them access to your training materials.

Learning pace icon

Allow participants to cover the content at their own pace. This promotes a positive learning culture.

Certificate icon

Document participation in the training course. This way you will be on the safe side in case of any doubt. A certificate at the end motivates the participants.



In addition to compliance with data protection, data security plays a very important role in every company. However, in their day-to-day work, employees can quickly lose focus on important things. Actively combat this by regularly providing your employees with data security training that informs them of important facts and current risks. This gives your employees more security, which benefits your company. Online. Digital. Interactive. Occupational safety training doesn’t have to be boring!

Nadine Pedro
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Nadine Pedro
eLearning author