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Create immersive learning that learners will really remember!

The right layouts for realistic scenarios

Employees learn immersively with Knowledgeworker Coach

Scenario-based learning enriches any eLearning strategy. Learners immerse themselves in realistic training situations and thus learn in a completely new and efficient way. Knowledgeworker Coach now enables you to make your learning scenarios even more realistic and immersive. New layouts allow you to create realistic learning experiences quickly without the need for any programming knowledge. Choose your layout to suit your content and provide your learners with maximum immersion for optimum results. Whether you’re using dialog to develop skills or realistic scenarios to train employees to handle emergencies—Knowledgeworker Coach has the layout for every situation.


Create vivid environments and reproduce real conditions

The Behavior layout

Use large, detailed images and videos to simulate conversations and situations as realistically as possible. The Behavior layout provides lots of space for your media and also allows you to deliver learning with maximum impact, enabling learners to interact directly with an interlocutor, coach or task in the context of a dynamically developing situation.


Use authentic discussions to take a targeted approach to skills development

The Dialog layout

Use realistic simulated conversations to help your learners develop their skills. The Dialog layout gives your learners the sense that they are in a real conversation. The large-scale scenery and the option to incorporate your own image heighten the immersive effect. Training scenarios are highly realistic, and emphasize moods and emotions. Learners receive immediate feedback on their decisions in the course of the conversation, and their skills and abilities are also evaluated to help develop their competences. The layout is particularly suitable for conversations such as consulting, sales, personnel discussions, and complaints management.


The bottom line

The various layouts in Knowledgeworker Coach can be used to tailor your scenarios to the precise needs of your learners. Whether you’re focusing on sales pitches or training for emergencies, you’ll find the ideal layout for your learning experience. Digital competence development delivers guaranteed results.

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