Deepen knowledge with micro learning

With our flashcards application Knowledgeworker Cards, you convey valuable knowledge to learners around the world in a flexible, user-controlled manner. Artificial intelligence takes various learning parameters, successes and failures into account and automatically plays relevant cards. In this way you achieve a particularly effective learning success.

Knowledgeworker Cards - Knowledge: short, compact and easy to remember

Be different! Be special! Break through the existing daily overkill of news, novelties and information that is pouring in upon everyone. Communicate your information and knowledge in a special way that will be remembered. Present your learners knowledge in small and interactive units. Make use of the human play instinct. Your learners also benefit from this, because playing games motivates and ensures a memorable and long-term learning success. Make important content available as interactive learning cards in Knowledgeworker Cards.

  • Gamification und Social Learning

    Mit Cards fordern Sie Ihre Lerner zur spielerischen Interaktivät auf. Damit erhöhen Sie die Motivation und den Spaß. Lernen wird spielerisch, einfach und emotional positiv besetzt.

  • Micro-Learning

    Vermitteln Sie Wissen in kleinen Puzzle-Teilen. Servieren Sie kleine Häppchen und Lerneinheiten. Über kleine Etappen reduzieren Sie das Stresslevel Ihrer Lerner, verringern die kognitive Last und maximieren den langfristigen Lernerfolg.

  • Individuell und intelligent

    Der Lerner konzentriertet sich aufs Lernen. Den Rest übernimmt Künstliche Intelligenz. Zu wiederholende Lernkarten werden automatisch wieder unter den Stapel noch zu lernender Karten gemischt. So werden sie dem Lerner automatisch erneut, an für ihn passender Stelle gezeigt.

  • Desktop, Tablet & Smartphone

    Knowledgeworker Cards sind sowohl online als auch offline in einer App verfügbar. Damit haben Lerner ihre Lerneinheiten stets griffbereit. Sie sind unabhängig von Raum, Zeit und Ort .

  • Mehrsprachigkeit

    Wissen kennt keine Grenzen. Auch in Knowledgeworker Cards können Sie Ihre Inhalte mehrsprachig erstellen und ausspielen. Lerner erhalten so ganz einfache ihre Lernkarten in der für sie relevanten Sprache.

  • Erfolg und Feedback

    Knowledgeworker Cards zeigt Lernern transparent ihren Lernfortschritt. Dieses Feedback auf die vielen kleinen Lerneinheiten hält die Motivation aufrecht und macht Erfolge sofort sichtbar.

How to transform information into knowledge sustainably

Karteninhalte mehrsprachig entwickeln

Kartenstapel zusammenstellen

In der App veröffentlichen

Karte für Karte lernen

Intelligente Wiedervorlage & Wiederholung

Anchoring knowledge effectively in long-term memory with Knowledgeworker Cards

Online and offline via app

Knowledgeworker Cards is available as a mobile app. This means that learners always have their learning units at hand whenever they want to learn or review content - even when they are offline.


Customized card stacks

Place thematically related cards on common decks.
This allows the learner to choose a subject area, call up related flashcards individually and learn related content.

In addition, the learner can mark individual cards as learned, as favourites or for individual repetition as required.

Repeating content smartly

Knowledgeworker Cards shuffles learning cards that have been marked for repetition by the user back under the pile of cards still to be learned. On the basis of intelligent resubmission, these cards are automatically shown to the learner again in the appropriate place. We have developed our own algorithm for this purpose, which enables a particularly effective learning success by taking into account a wide range of learning parameters, thus enabling content to be learned particularly effectively and at the same time anchoring correlations better in long-term memory.


Referring specifically

Those who search, find - all in one app. Learners can enter card IDs, technical terms and topics in Knowledgeworker Cards very easily using the search function. The app automatically displays all flashcards that contain the search term. The search result preview allows you to quickly find and refresh specific knowledge.

Feedback on progress

Knowledgeworker Cards transparently show learners their individual learning progress with a progress bar. This shows them how many learning cards of a topic have already been learned, can be repeated and are still to be learned.